Smart Home Technology and IoT in Australia

Posted by Terrence F. Casquejo ,30th Sep 2020
Smart Home Technology and its Growing Popularity in Australia

Smart Home Technology and its Growing Popularity in Australia

by Terrence F. Casquejo

What is a smart home and IoT?

Australia has an informed population most of whom are open to adopting the latest in technology which includes the growing worldwide trend of households who are using smart home technology systems. A smart home involves a convenient home setup in which you can automatically control appliances and other home devices from anywhere with an Internet connection by using a phone or other network connected devices.

The Internet of Things or IoT is the system of Internet-connected devices or machines that collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. Simply put, IoT is taking gadgets and devices in the world and connecting them to the Internet. Smart home and IoT often go together as one concept because it’s IoT that made it possible to remotely control and manage home appliances and other devices through an app in a phone, tablet, workstation computer or other Internet-connected devices.

Growing popularity of smart home technology in Australia

According to a research study by the, Aussie households with smart home systems are steadily growing with about 49% in 2020 using some form of smart home technology and 1 in 2 Australians using it every day. Their study says that the categories that get the most percentage uses are 61% for general security and 44% for protection against intruders. The remaining categories are home entertainment such as smart TVs, home security, lights, doorbells, and security cameras.

On the other hand, the says that 25.4% of Australian homeowners in 2020 are using smart home technology and this will reach 49.1% by 2025. It is estimated that about 1.6 million households will use smart home systems in 2021 and this figure is expected to steadily rise each year after 2021. Another recent study by Schneider Electric and Telsyte found that there’s now an average of 17 devices connected to IoT in homes today and this will grow to 37 connected devices by 2020.

These research studies show that Australia is one of the countries with the most rapid growth of smart home technology adoption. The studies also indicate that the categories that get the most applications are home security systems and home appliances.

Home security systems

CCTV cameras, motion detectors, doorbells, alarms and other security devices in the home are now integrated in smart home technology that lets you remotely access and control them from your phone, tablet, or a workstation in the office. For example, if there is a visitor or delivery driver to your home while you’re away, you can instantly access the camera and use its two-way audio communication in real time so you can directly talk to them. Smart home security systems have given Aussie homeowners a better sense of safety due to the advantages offered by these systems.

Smart appliances

Appliances like TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air purifiers, etc., that have smart home integration gives you the ability to customize their actions according to a specific schedule or event. A smart refrigerator has a programmable sensor with a monitor in the front door and can track the stock of food, drinks, and other supplies inside the fridge. When supplies are getting low, the fridge can display a reminder in the screen and show an automated shopping list reminding you that it is time to replenish the stock. Ease of convenience in operating smart appliances gives a homeowner extra time for other things to do at home.

The factors driving rapid smart home use in Australia

The four reasons why many Australian households are adopting smart home systems:

  • Security – Being safe and secure in one’s own home is the most crucial factor for the average Australian household. Smart home security systems help the homeowners to become aware of what is happening in and around their houses.
  • Convenience – With just a touch or a voice command to an IoT connected device, a smart home allows a homeowner to remotely control their TV and home entertainment, security cameras, lights, windows and blinds, temperature, kitchen appliances, and other appliances. The homeowners want their living space to be comfortable and convenient.
  • Savings in energy – Homeowners can easily monitor and control the energy consumption of their appliances so they can save on electricity bills. They can schedule the smart appliances to shut down when not in use or when they are out of their houses. The capability to control and save energy consumption habits reduce energy wastage and electricity bills for a household.
  • Control – Appliances and other home devices monitored via a single app gives you a convergence of controlling them with just one touch or a voice command. This all-in-one place point of control makes it easy for you to manage their daily actions in an effortless manner and gives you more time to do other things in your home.

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