Why Laser


At LASER, we pride ourselves on being Australia's home-grown consumer electronics success story.

Competing with multinational brands that have come and gone since our inception in 1987, LASER has remained a steady, reliable, and trusted brand to Australian consumers and our retail partners alike, focused on delivering high quality and affordable technology.
In 2022, LASER celebrated 35 years of delivering affordable innovation across a wide and ever-growing range.
We now sell more than One Million products a year in Australia across more than 20 different product categories. From Smart Home to Gaming, Fitness, pet technology, e-mobility and more, LASER continues to deliver easy to use, reliable and value for money options.
We are proud of the role we have played over four decades in educating Australians on new technology, trends and standards, and the importance our affordable but reliable products play in encouraging people to try new technology, often for the first time. While these products have changed and evolved over time, our commitment to providing high quality technology that is widely available and affordable remains at our core.
Our combination of affordability, reliability and speed to market can be delivered as a result of our significant investment in our processes.
Our fully owned and operated office in China ensures the LASER team works directly with our production partners and oversees sourcing and compliance. Such compliance also drives our commitment to sustainability, where LASER is a signatory to a wide range of programs and initiatives that demonstrates our commitment to ongoing improvements to our products and processes. This includes commitments through the Australian Packing Covenant Organization, being a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative and Responsible Business Alliance.

Our four decades of success have all been made possible by our passionate and dedicated staff, and loyal retail partners, many of whom we have worked closely with for most of these 35 years.

The collaborative efforts of our team, brought together by our common goal, ensures that consumers experience the LASER brand at every step in the journey, from product research to instore experience, product range and quality and, should it ever be needed, a strong and always-local customer service team. It means that we can work in lockstep with our longstanding retail partners as an extension to our family, both when times are good, and when we are challenged as we have been most recently during such unprecedented times.