Designed to capture continuous video footage in the event of an on-road crash or incident – the Navig8r Crash Cam changes the face of driving.  We know how crazy it can get on the roads and the importance of 3rd eye witnesses and evidence for claims toward these incidents.  The Crash Cam can record up to Super Full High Definition 1296p video capturing detail to decipher number plates, street signs and even the faces of witnesses.  Discover more about Navig8r, the market leader in in-car digital video recording below.

The Pro X SHD 1296p in car digital video recorder with GPS Tracking, Map Display and Speed Camera and School Zone Alerts offers a superior Crash Cam experience. At 1296p and with a 6 glass lens, Ambrella A7 chipset, large 2.0 aperture, High Dynamic Range and wide angle distortion correction in lower case you capture video images in ultra-high detail. Higher than High Definition. Exceptional in daylight, low light and at night time. Like the other Crash Cams in the 2016 range, this superior device offers, G-Sensor, auto-bump file-record and HDMI output.


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The Navig8r X SHD 1296p in car digital video recorder offers a high quality Crash Cam experience. At 1296p it includes a combination of hardware and software features such as a 6 glass lens, large 2.0 aperture, the latest Ambrella A7 Chipset, wide angle distortion correction in lower case, allowing you capture video images in ultra-high detail. Higher than High Definition. Working exceptional in daylight, low light and at night time. Like the other Crash Cams in the 2016 range, this superior device offers G-Sensor, auto-bump file-record and HDMI output.


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Essential for the everyday driver, the Crash Cam FHDi records in full high definition with class leading quality. The FHDi is loaded with exceptional features and comes with an LCD screen to view and playback your photos and videos, a built in microphone for audio recording, time stamp to compliment your video evidence, loop recording to ensure you never run out of recording space and a range of other great features. Assisting you to capture evidence on the road or in the car park in the event of an accident.


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The Crash Cam FHD (Full High Definition) offers such outstanding clarity in 1080P that it lets users read number plates, street signs and house numbers as well as recognising people’s faces.  Enough detail to show the authorities or your insurance company what really happened at the time of an incident. Loaded with a G-sensor to trigger auto saving of files, a HDMI output for your HD TV and a large colour LCD, the Crash Cam FHD is featured packed and easy to use.


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Packed with all the features of the others in the range, the Navig8r Crash Cam FHD GPS also has built-in GPS tracking. Using the supplied tracking software, you can view comprehensive recorded video footage, speed, location and your journey on Google Maps. With irrefutable Full HD video evidence, GPS tracking and advanced features such as auto bump file record, the Crash Cam FHD GPS is the more advanced way to capture in-vehicle incidents.


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Let's compare our 2016 models

Replay recorded journeys using the supplied software. View video, speed, location details and track your journey from Google Maps.

Real Time speed display

Statistical data

Recorded video footage plays in sync with GPS readings

Navig8r Pro X model comes with on-screen maps. Including street names and current location thanks to the on-board GPS.

Super HD 1296p video quality provides optimum image clarity.

Full HD 1080p

1920 Pixels

Super HD 1296p offers double the pixels of 1080p

1080 Pixels

1296 Pixels

Super HD 1296p

2304 Pixels

Advanced H.264 video compression not only offers superior High Definition Video but saves on storage space.

Advanced image processor gives super high definition 1296p@30FPS video.

Advanced image processor gives high definition 1296p video.

Continuous cycle recording means the older files will be overwritten once the card reaches full capacity.

Saves your video file the second a bump occurs, you need not worry that this crucial moment will be overwritten.

The Pro X and X crash camera will remind you to stop, revive and survive or to stop and drink some coffee after driving for a while. You set the times when you need to have a break.

Wide Angle Distortion Correction creates a truly flat and realistic image. Many crash cameras distort the viewing angle creating a fish eye view.

Other crash cams

Pro X & X crash cams

HDR creates a greater dynamic range of luminosity. Ensuring all points of the video image are neither too dark nor too light.

Over Exposed

Under Exposed


Perfect Image

Widescreen LCD shows you more.

Wide Angle lens captures more.

Whether AVI or MOV format, you can playback, edit or save these files on a PC or Mac or media player enabled TV.

Capture the sound in the car, useful for recording notes and comments about an incident. Built-in sound also means sound on the video playback.

Motion Sensor and Parking Monitor protect your vehicle when you are not there. The Parking Monitor will activate if your car is bumped while you are away.

Easy to use on screen display lets you view and playback photos and videos.

The in-built battery allows you to detach the camera and record evidence when you are not connected to the power.


Time will vary for each crash cam model

Time and date is just about as important as it gets when proving your case – exactly as it happens and when.


* Lat/long is also stamped on video for GPS & PRO models.

Charge your camera and transfer your files with any standard micro USB cable.

A GPS accurate  digital readout of how fast you are really going is displayed on the screen.

Car goes on, Crash Cam goes on. Car goes off, Crash Cam goes off. Couldn’t be easier.

A 6 Glass Optical lens offers the finest picture clarity as well as image distortion correction

Ambarella chipsets support super high quality imaging.

Combined with a 4MP CMOS you capture more light.

Perfect for low light recording.

Recorded all on an SD card for simple playback.


You can even use your Crash Cam to take still shots.



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In the event of a road accident or collision the Crash Cam can be your 3rd eye witness. The Crash Cam recording is irrefutable evidence which can expedite the insurance claim process or even police investigations.


Guard yourself from people who deliberately cause accidents and damages on the road so that they can collect payment from insurance companies by blaming their victims.


Capture car park culprits responsible for leaving scrapes and bumps to your car with motion detection.


Video evidence to support reporting of hit and runs, road hoons, erratic driving, abuse and polluters.


The Crash Cam provide continuous footage capturing your speed and location, enabling proof when disputing wrongfully imposed speed fines.


We have all heard the person at the back is almost always at fault.  Rear-ending is when a vehicle crashes into the rear end of another vehicle.  But what if it was the car or truck in front at fault? The Crash Cam video recording can be your proof.


Whether you are taking your car out for a day on the track or witness to meteorites, the Crash Cam will record it all in high definition.


Yes, it is legal in Australia and NZ.


In Russia, an estimated 1 million* motorists have dash cams installed.



Car cameras are already popular in countries such as Russia, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Poland, Taiwan and China.


If you are involved in an accident, you can expedite the insurance claims process without having to wait for inspectors’ and witness reports.


* Result from Youtube April 2014

In 2013, there were 1106 fatal crashes and 1193 people killed on Australian nation’s roads. 45% of fatal crashes occurred on roads where the posted speed limit was 100km/h, and 32% were on roads with a speed limit of up to 60 km/h.



There were 41,520 recorded road crashes in new south wales during 2012. Of these, 18,446 were casualty crashes, 369 people were killed and 22,932 injured.

Crashes which involved speeding represented at least 69% of fatal crashes and 39% of all crashes.