Windows 8.1


eTouch Tablet for Windows 8.1
(Now free upgrade to Windows 10)




Intel Bay Trail CPU
An Intel ATOM®  quad core processor powerful enough to get things done yet efficient enough to give you 8 hours of use.

Wifi / Bluetooth

Connect to the internet with 802.11b/g/n wifi or use Bluetooth to pair up speakers, input devices and peripherals.


Fast DDR memory so you’re never left waiting and enough RAM storage for everyday use.

IPS touch screen
The IPS high resolution LCD 5 point touch screen offers superior clarity with a convenient multi touch interface.

Dual cameras

From Skype video calling to taking pictures and videos, the eTouch tablet is equipped with built-in front and back cameras.


With HDMI output, USB and a Micro SD slot, extend your tablet experience to peripheral devices.

Full Desktop Experience

Connect a monitor, speakers, a full size mouse and keyboard for the full PC desktop experience

Windows 8 Tablet Product Range

10" Windows Tablet


Transform your Laser Windows Tablet into a premium laptop

Product number: KB-WIN101

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