Heart Rate Tracking Fitness Activity Monitor with 2 wristbands

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Count Steps & Calories Burned
Sync to Google Fit + Apple Heath
Notifications & Call Alerts

Daily mode: Analyzes daily data, including steps taken and calories burned.
Sleep mode: Tracks your sleep pattern and quality, set silent alarms.
Sports mode: Starts a workout and displays information including duration, steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled during the workout.
Nap mode: Awakes you via vibration after a short nap.


Track and monitor your fitness today with the V-Fitness HR Activity Monitor. The device tracks how many steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep quality. Maximize workouts, monitor your heart rate, track calorie burn and get a clearer picture of your health, all without an uncomfortable chest strap! Download the free APP to set personal data such as height, weight, age and gender. Connect wirelessly to an iPhone or Android Smartphone with low energy Bluetooth 4.0. See everything clearly on the slim LED screen. The device is water resistant so whether running a marathon or walking in the rain, the V-Fitness activity monitor will keep on working. Two customizable bands are included to help match your personal style (black and red), it is made for you and your goals so get moving today!

Compass - Take me home N
USB Connection / Dock Y
Heart Rate Monitor (type) Optical
Bicycle Handlebar Mount N
Software on CD N
Printed Instruction Manual Y
Other external features
Accessories N
GPS tracking N
Device Features
Worldwide usage N
DGPS & SBAS (WAAS) GPS reciever N
Track your route on Google Maps N
GPS recording interval N
Time of day sync with GPS N
Auto Lap Count (using GPS marker) N
Manual Lap Count N
Alert Type N
Weight(kg) 0.1
Warranty(month) 12
Inner Carton Qty 6
Master Carton Qty 48
EAN barcode 9335432030303
Heart Rate Monitor Features
Pulse Monitor - Type Optical
Heart Rate Range (in beats per minute) Y
Heart Rate as a % of Max Heart Ratge (by Age) Y
Heart Rate Zones with Audible Alarm Y
Pulse (heart rate) display Y
Calorie Counter Y
On Device Display Functions
Current Speed (kph) N
Average Speed (kph) N
Maximum Speed (kph) N
Trip Meter (distance travelled for this trip) N
Countdown Timer (to show time left on a preset time limit) N
Odometer (km) - total distance travelled N
Timer - to measure how long since session start N
Track Record Time - how long total session has taken N
selectable mph or kph measurement N
Handlebar Mount type N
Tracking Software
USB Connection to PC Y
User Profile Input N
Route view on Google Maps N
Date and Time of recorded route N
route speed and Distance travelled N
Display Latitude / Longitude of route N
Display Altitude of Route N
Track management N
Photo Tagging N
Waypoint Routing N
Overlay Compare (day/week.month) N
Other Device Features
Time of Day Y
Dual Time Zones N
Day and Date display Y
Stopwatch Function Y
Waypoint Compass N
Wake up alarm Y
Battery Charge Time (to 100%) Up to 3 hours
Battery Run Time (Typical usage) Up to 7 days
water resistant Y
Luminescent Backlight N
Battery Level Indicatior Y
GPS Signal Indicator N
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