School Friendly Tech For Kids Review

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School Friendly Tech For Kids Review

Devices are fast becoming an essential for kids. They are a requirement for many students in school, they do their homework on them and they even FaceTime their relatives and friends. Which is fine (sometimes great) it’s the way the world is going. But what do you do when your child slowly loses interest in sport as a result?

teen wearing headphones and using phone at school - school friendly tech

Tech that gets kids moving

Yes, it’s true that devices, gaming systems and the like can distract children and teens from good exercise habits but technology can also help get them up and moving. I’m not talking about playing Pokémon GO on your phone (although, it did get a lot of people outside and talking to one another). I mean technology like Activity monitors/bands or a good set of headphones.

Sometimes a little prompting is all you need and being able to crank the tunes and go for a run is perfect after a long day at school (or work).

Laser V-Fitness Activity Monitor review

The Laser V-Fitness Activity Monitor is perfect for kids (and adults) that are health conscious, have a little bit of a competitive streak in the playground with friends or just need a little reminder to get moving every so often.

V-Fitness activity monitor replacement bands

V-Fitness activity monitor with replacement bands

Just like similar products on the market, the V-Fitness Activity Monitor allows you to track your steps, distance travelled, and calories burnt. It also monitors your heart rate and sleep. The sleep tracking feature is great if you get 8 hours sleep but wake up feeling exhausted. It allows you to see how much (or little) of those 8 hours were deep sleep and how often you woke up.

Child doing crunches exercise keeping active wearing Laser V-Fitness activity tracker

Kyze is ten and loves this product. He is quite an active kid and each day tries to beat his previous distance travelled. The fitness watch is quite slim in size but it doesn’t skimp on screen size, the display is quite a reasonable size. When I have used the Activity Monitor I have found it is great for a quick view of smartphone messages and alerts when on the move.

Quick Info

  • Count steps & calories burned
  • Sync to Google Fit + Apple Health
  • Watch
  • Notifications & Call Alerts
  • Comes with 3x different size bands
  • USB Charger
  • Water resistant
  • Suitable for children 7+ years & Adults

Available at: Big W

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