Review: Laser MMC-X40 4K Smart TV Media Player

Posted by admin 26/10/2017 0 Comment(s) Press,

Let’s say that you have a TV that isn’t quite as smart as you’d like it to be. That’s often the case, even with newer 4K models, especially budget models. Australian brand Laser now has a solution capable of providing those smarts to your TV, and delivering them via a full Ultra High Definition signal.


The Laser MMC-X40 4K Smart TV Media Player uses the tried and very true Android operating system to provide an enormous – just about unending – range of functions. They include Netflix, including support for High Dynamic Range and 4K streaming if your Internet connection and Netflix subscription support it. Plus all the catchup TV services available for Android, including ABC iView and SBS On Demand. YouTube (of course, since it’s owned by Android’s creator, Google) and just about every other free video streaming service.

You can do web browsing and manage your email. Most smart TVs have dropped quite a few social media functions since TVs proved not to be a popular means of using them. But "not popular" does not mean "no one". If you like interacting with others using your big screen, this kind of device can be just the thing.

Especially as it has a double-sided remote control. On one side are the keys you’d expect on regular media player remote control. On the other is a full QWERTY keyboard, laid out horizontally. It also has an "Air Mouse" function. You move the remote, and a mouse on the screen moves in response, making it easy to select things.


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