In today's world, every home is becoming "smarter" as Aussie families embrace the automated home trend. While smart speakers, power boards and smart lighting are all now commonplace, there is so much more on offer outside of turning appliances or lights on and off.

Control your entire home climate, without even thinking about it, with the Connect Universal Smart IR Remote with Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Control all of your IR devices such as TVs and air cons from a single remote. Set scenes to automate your life! With the humidity sensor, you will be able to automatically keep your home at the perfect climate! Powered by MicroUSB and compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the Connect Universal Smart IR Remote gives you complete convenience. Available from Harvey Norman (RRP $69.96).

Respond to your visitors anywhere, anytime with the Smart Doorbell from LASER

Respond to your visitors anywhere and anytime with the Laser Smart Video Doorbell. Get alerts at work via the free Smart Life App when a visitor is at your door, see and communicate with them via two-way audio and obtain video footage in case your next delivery is stolen. The Laser Smart Doorbell is the ultimate addition to your home offering both convenience and security. Available from (RRP $149.95).

Calm, zen and relax automatically with the Smart Diffuser by CONNECT Smart Home

Let the aromatic mist permeate through your home or office with the touch of your smartphone or voice command via virtual assistants thanks to the Connect Smart Diffuser. The diffuser can be used with or without essential oils to either distribute relaxing scents or increase moisture levels to make any stale room feel more lively! Complete control allows you to set the timer, intensity and schedule of your 150mL capacity diffuser. You can even include the Connect Smart Diffuser as part of your existing smart ecosystem. Simply connect it to "scenes" with your smart speaker allowing a series of different actions to occur when you say "hey google, it's time to relax" or link it up to the Connect Universal Smart IR Remote with Temperature & Humidity Sensors so that it will automatically trigger when the sensors detect changes in humidity. Relax as stress and worries melt away with soothing scents from your CONNECT Smart Diffuser. Available from Harvey Norman (RRP $99.95).

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