Dash-Cam Review: Navig8r Crash Cam

Posted by las-mk 25/06/2018 0 Comment(s) Press,

Dash-Cam Review: Navig8r Crash Cam


Dash-cams have proved so useful in the event of a collision - and for many budding YouTubers - that one day your insurer might make them mandatory in your car.


Today there are a plethora of options for capturing those contentious - or at least priceless - moments on the road, including the NAVMAN MiVUE850 which has a marvellous lens and extra high-resolution recording ability. However in the arms race of technology, MiVUE850 probably has too many bells and whistles for those simply looking for a camera to record road events, making it just a little too overwhelming for many.


So in steps LASER Corporation, a home-grown electronics retailer, with the Navig8r range of Crash Cams to suit an array of budgets and needs.


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