Navig8r Action Cameras

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Sports Camera HD (1080p)

Product code: NAVSPORT-H12

Capture your most memorable action moments with this portable sports camera! Whether you are..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $54.50

Sports Camera Full HD

Product code: NAVSPORT-F18

Whether you are out mountain biking, at the beach, snow or up for your first bungee jump, the Navig8..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $72.68

Navig8r Sports Cam Wifi 2

Product code: NAVSPORT-WF2

Designed for capturing fast-paced action, the Navig8r Sports Cam Wifi 2 records video resolutions fr..

$249.95 $87.48 Ex Tax: $79.53

Navig8r Sports Cam 720p

Product code: NAVSPORTHD

The Navig8r Sports Cam HD camera features High Definition (720p) video and a built in rechargeable b..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $54.50

Navig8r Sports Cam WIFI

Product code: NAVSPORTWIFI

The Navig8r WIFI 1080p Sports Camera: A Must for Holiday MakersWhen traveling the world, choosin..

$139.95 $48.98 Ex Tax: $44.53

Sports Camera Full HD 1080P with 2.4

Product code: NAVSPORT1080

The Navig8r Sports Cam 1080 features Full High Definition (1080p) video recording for capturing high..

$99.95 $29.98 Ex Tax: $27.26

Sports Camera HD 720P with 2.0

Product code: NAVSPORT720

The Navig8r Sports Cam 720 features High Definition (720p) video recording (it also takes pictures w..

$59.95 $17.99 Ex Tax: $16.35