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Whether you’re looking to record free-to-air TV, play back content from a USB or SD card or turn your old TV into a smart TV, LASER have a range of Media Players, Digital Set Top Boxes and Digital Personal Video Recorders (PVR) that will suit your needs.  Find everything you need to know about media players in our below Resource Centre.

What are video streaming services?


Are you looking for an on-demand online entertainment source for TV shows, movies and or other streaming media? The MMC-X40, MMC-P20Plus and MMC-B15Plus, MMC-B18 (Coming soon), allows you to play any streaming media such as Netflix, Stan or Youtube. Our media players are also UNLOCKED* which means you can play ANY streaming media or ANY USB media such as movies of your choosing from around the world.


*Unlocked or jail-broken devices is the process of removing software restrictions from a device

What  is catch up TV and
how can I watch it?

Missed the last episode of Underbelly or Love Child? Now you can catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite TV show through catch up TV via downloading the respective channel APP onto your LASER device. It’s easy! The most popular channel APPs are already preloaded onto your device.

Bonus air mouse
with MMC-X40 & MMC-P20Plus

The bonus air mouse has the combined function of a wireless keyboard, a remote control and a wireless mouse. Double-sided with double the utility, the  keyboard is integrated on one side and remote control on the other. Convenient and easy to use, it is as simple as pointing the air mouse at the TV screen and clicking to activate links that are displayed. Making it much easier to navigate around your TV.

MMC-X40 & MMC-P20Plus

Fast Processor and Graphics Processor designed for video

Video processing is supported on our media players via hardware (instead of software) which results in smoother movies (faster frame rate), quicker load times and its faster for chapter search, rewind and fast forward. This is particularly important with high resolution video (like 4K UHD) and high compression files from H.265.

Get any compatible movies
via DLNA?

DLNA enables easy sharing of content between products over a home network, regardless of the manufacturer. You can easily share movies or files between your media player and media storage networked devices to play directly on your TV.

How do you stream from
mobile devices?

Miracast is a wireless display feature designed for mirroring smartphone, tablet, or PC screens to a television without the need for cables. Connect using Miracast and Airplay to replicate what you see on your portable device to the TV screen.

What is 4K UHD Resolution?

With 4K (UHD) resolution you can view content in Ultra High Definition quality. Higher than Full High Definition. Your viewing resolution is defined by the number of pixels that make up a screen. The more pixels the finer the detail and the better the quality viewing. Playback 4K content to your TV with a 4K compatible media player.


HDMI can connect to many home entertainment devices including home theatre systems and soundbars. Connect directly to your TV, home theatre or soundbar using a HDMI cable to transfer audio and video. Connect to the internet using a LAN Ethernet connection or wirelessly using Wi-Fi. Bluetooth allows you to connect headphones, mice and keyboards wirelessly.

Android Operating System

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. Its user-friendly design allows users to make use of all the applications on the Google Play Store that are available to Android devices. Play games, stream videos, surf the net. The same way you would on your Android phone.

Play it all – Multi-source Multi-Format ready

Codecs are used to compress and protect files for transfer across the internet. There are many different codecs for different video and audio formats. Regardless of the codec, Kodi supports most common audio, video, image formats and third-party plugins. The combination of superior hardware combined with the Kodi player allows playback of high bit rate, high resolution (like 4K) and multi-channel audio to be played back.

Digital Surround Sound or 2 channel stereo

Listen to crystal clear surround sound audio with Dolby Digital and DTS by connecting your sound bar or surround sound system via the digital Optical or HDMI ports. Giving you a cinema like audio experience. Alternatively, connect the 3.5mm analog L/R stereo output to a TV audio input (normally RCA red and white) to receive 2 channel stereo.

MMC-B15Plus & MMC-B18

Can I record my favourite TV
shows and playback content?

Yes, Set Top Boxes such as the Set Top Box Android media player MMC-B15Plus & MMC-B18 records directly on to your USB memory stick or hard-drive WHILST you watch another channel! It also plays back content from a USB drive.

What is EPG?

The 7 Day Electronic Program (EPG) is an on-screen guide so you can see what’s on and coming to TV without having to buy a newspaper! Simply push the EPG button on your media device to display up to 7 days of TV programming for all free-to-air channels.

What is MPEG-4?

MPEG-4 is gradually replacing the previous broadcast format called MPEG-2, which has become an aging technology and not able to deliver some of the latest content available today. The problem is however, that your old set top box or other hardware may not be MPEG-4 compatible, which means you may have problems receiving these new channels. LASER’s Set Top Box will extend your old TV to be compatible with MPEG-4 files such as new channels including 9HD, 9Life, 7Flix, TEN HD, WIN HD, 7HD and others.


Not sure what you want?

Get a bit of both worlds!

Whether you are looking to record your favourite free-to-air TV shows or play catch-up TV through one of the channel apps downloaded through the Google Play Store, LASER’s Set Top Box & Android Smart Media Player does the job in one!

On the one hand, LASER’s MMC-B15Plus is a set top box that brings movies, music and more to your TV and home theatre. It has a 7 Day Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which allows you to record TV directly on to your USB memory stick or hard-drive and rewind or fast forward recorded TV. Alternatively, you can also play content from storage devices via USB or SD card, connect to a TV, monitor or projector with HDMI, or stream content via network LAN, Wi-Fi or DLNA.

Are apps pre-installed and ready to go
on the LASER B15Plus & B18?

These Set Top Box & Android Media Players  come pre-installed with a number of apps from the Google Play Store including Netflix, Quickflix and Youtube. Pre-installed channels are also available including ABC iView, PLUS7, SBS on Demand and tenplay for easy access to popular channels.

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