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Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player with Bonus Pack

Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player  with Bonus Pack
Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player  with Bonus Pack
Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player  with Bonus Pack
Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player  with Bonus Pack
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Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player  with Bonus Pack
Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player  with Bonus Pack
Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player  with Bonus Pack
Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player  with Bonus Pack
Laser 7" Dual Portable DVD Player with Bonus Pack
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: DVD-PORT7-DUALC
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • Dimensions: 25.00cm x 20.00cm x 15.00cm
  • Barcode: 9335432030143
Ex Tax: $135.45

The dual screen 7” Laser Portable DVD/CD Player can be used in the car or at home. Movie time anyone? Using one screen as the “master” (it plays the disks) and the other as the slave (it just displays the movie), the Laser DUAL 7 DVD player offers a great way for 2 people to have their own screen.

The proprietary anti-skip technology buffers playback ensuring your movie plays smoothly even when the journey is bumpy and the Hitachi® optical pickup ensures consistent image quality, faster load times and longer life.

Perfect for that long road trip or commute.

Product Features:

  • Multi Region – playback DVD’s from anywhere in the world
  • Dual 9" super bright high resolution LCD screens
  • Watch DVD's, listen to CD's or playback Video/MP3/DivX Files
  • Can accept DVD, CD, USB memory stick, SD card or 3.5mm AV input
  • Play sound via the built in speakers or through the 3.5mm earphone output (a pair of headphones included)

Standard Inclusions:

  • 240v AC Wall charger – so you can plug in and watch at home.
  • 12v DC Car Charger – so you can play it in the car
  • Remote control – to control your portable DVD from the lounge
  • AV cable– to connect the screens to each other

Bonus Inclusions:

  • Two over ear Headphones – so you can listen in peace – especially if you’re in the car.
  • Two Headrest cases – to mount the screens on the seat headrest for use it in the backseat of a car

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  • Playback music, video or images from CD/DVD, USB flash or SD/MMC/MS cards or via 3.5mm AV input
  • Operate one or two screens, connect to another TV or monitor. Alternately view other content by connecting via the AV Input
  • Each screen comes with individual volume controls and onboard stereo speakers. Alternatively you can use the supplied headphones (2 sets supplied with 1.2m cord)
  • Ideal for in-car use, easily attaches to car headrests using the supplied headrest case holders (2 sets supplied)
  • Full function remote control with OSD menu - Control all functions from the slim line remote control via the On Screen Display menu
  • Screen size: 7 Inch TFT LCD Resolution: 480(W) × 234(H) pixels
  • Electronic Skip protection and high quality HITACHI ® optical laser components means smooth video playback even on the bumpiest of journeys
  • The unit supports multiple file formats and types such as DVD, CD, +/-R/W, VCD, JPEG, MP3, MPG4 (XVID, DivX), AVI
  • PAL/NTSC and region free - Playback local or overseas region coded DVD’s as well as PAL or NTSC content (auto detected)
General Specification
Remote controlY
Playable Disk TypesDVD: DVD-Video/DVD-R/+R /DVD-RW/+RW/SVCD/CD-R/CD-RW/CD-Audio
USB Port (on front panel)Y
Media File playbackAVI, DivX, MP3, JPEG/GIF
Front panel Display (LCD)N
DVD Region CodeAll
Blu Ray Region Coden/a
Accessories included2 x Over the ear headphone, Australian /New Zealand SAA approved power adaptor, Car power adaptor, AV cable connects to both screen Headrest attachments to hold both screens on the car seat
Composite Video (Yellow RCA)N
Component Video PbPrY (Red, Green, Blue RCA)N
HDMI (Video and Audio)N
Stereo (Left/Right - White/Red RCA)N
Digital Audio (CoAx (Orange) RCA)N
5.1 Channel Direct Out (RCA)no
Ethernet Port (network RJ45)no
USB 2.0 portY
BD Live (profile 2.0) (Blu Ray only)N/A
BD Bonus View (Blu Ray Only)N/A
Parental LockY
Screen SaverN
Standby Power save modeY
ON Screen Menuyes
Cinavia encoded file playbackN/A
Full HD (1080p) picture qualityN
DVD upscaling (480 to 720 or 1080p)N/A
24fps True Cinema frame rateN/A
Last playback position memoryY
View image & video filesyes
Aspect Ratio Select (16:9 to 4:3)N
Language SelectEnglish Only
Progressive Scan PlaybackN
Camera Angle SelectN
HDMI Deep Colourn/a
Bookmarks (playback from a saved point)no
Playback program (reordering/sequence of playback)no
Dolby 5.1 (including Dolby Digital, AC3, pro logic)N
Dolby TRUE HD (lossless)N/A
DTS Surround (standard)N
DTS HD Master (lossless)N/A
5.1 Channel Decoder built inno
7.1 Channel Decoder built in
2 channel (left / right) downmixyes. via 3.5mm phono plug
Product Dimensions (mm)210 x 35 x 165
Inner Carton Qty1
Master Carton Qty4
EAN barcode9335432030143
3 key feature benefits1: Electronic Skip protection and high quality HITACHI® optical laser components 2: Comes with headrest mounting straps and over-ear headphones 3: Accepts CD/DVD/SD/MS/USB devices and plays back in many formats
Speaker Dimensions (A)
Speaker Dimensions (B)
Other Audio Connection
Speaker Output

What can I use the swivel screen for?

Screen rotation is mostly used when mounting your player into a headrest holder, however if you have very little room while using your player while sitting down for example, on a couch, at an airport terminal or an a train, you may be able to get a better viewing angle by rotating the screen and sitting the player elsewhere other than on your lap.


File conversion

If you are unable to play some of your existing video files which you may have saved on your PC for example, there are many free file converters available on the internet which are reasonable easy and straight forward to use. The first file you convert may be a little tricky but after that it should become a relatively easy exercise… it is usually a 3 step exercise; 1) Select a file you want to convert, 2) Select the settings you want the final file to be converted to, and 3) Select where you want the finished file saved to. Please just remember that the preferred files for playback on this player are DIV X, AVi and MPEG4.


AV Output to a TV, or, AV Input from an external playback device

This DVD Player has an AV input socket jack as well as an AV output socket jack. This means you can playback video from an external device or vice versa - playback video from your player to an external TV. The cable used for this is supplied with your player and is called a AV Jack to Composite AV cable.


Charge in car or at home

LASER portable DVD players are supplied with both an in-car charger and a wall charger for so you can use and charge your player in-car or at home. This means your DVD player can used and or charged almost anywhere.


What is Advanced Skip Buffer Technology?

This simple means that about 3 seconds of the video during playback if buffered (constantly saved and played back from the internal memory instead of from the disc) so if you manage to hit a large bump while driving, it won’t interrupt playback.