Father's Day Gift



Did you know?


From the ruins of Babylon, history has it that the custom of honouring fathers on a special day is over 4000 years old from a child who carved a card out of clay with a Father’s day message.


This tradition is here to stay. Modern father’s day has gained amazing popularity in countries around the world for recognising fathers or father figures on this special day.


Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself as a new father or an adult child looking for gifts for dad, the father’s day tradition of gift giving is a moment to be cherished. After all, your father was the one who probably taught you to tie your shoelace, ride a bike, and supported you with years of dedication through your childhood to teach you what only a father can.


So with Father’s day just around the corner, show a bit of love. Forget socks and jocks for Dad. Though it would be easy to simply pick out a run-of-the-mill gift pack, pick out your own non-standard bundle of goodies for Dad.


At Laser, we make it easy to assemble affordable gift bundles starting at under $50. So there is really no excuse to get your father at the very least a small sentiment this Father’s day.


5. Power Bank 10000mah


RRP: $49.95


Power up your Dad’s devices this Father’s day with this practical gift for Dads of all ages, Get more charges with this portable high capacity and high current Power Bank, it's ideal for all USB devices, tablets and smartphones and comes with lightning, Micro and 30 Pin. It's pre-charged so you can start using it straight out of the box. Carry the Power Bank wherever you go on full charge and never let Dad worry about a low battery again - simply plug it in and let it charge. 




4. Wi-Fi Adaptor


RRP: $99.95


Father’s day isn’t the only time that you can connect. This LASER Wi-Fi Adaptor for turning audio speaker systems to a multi-room speaker system lets Dad connect any speaker system (with AUX in) and turn it into a multi-room wireless speaker. Connect the Wi-Fi Adaptor to your current home Hi-Fi, Micro Hi-Fi, or other speaker system to turn it into a Wi-Fi connected multi-room sound system. All you need is a 3.5mm Audio out or an Optical Audio out. All home Hi-Fi systems will have one of these.

Is it about time Dad updated his music-playing platform from vinyls and CDs to a smarter choice? Let Dad experience better sound, no dropouts and streaming music such as Spotify from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

View the full range of Multi-room Wi-Fi speakers in our range.




3. Navig8r Sports Cam 1080X


RRP: $99.95


For sports lovers and enthusiasts alike, this is the perfect gift for Dad to get him to stay active. Ideal for sports or activity with fast paced action! The Sports Cam 1080X delivers Full HD 1080p @30fps video recording for stunning imagery with detailed experiences shot at high-speed altitudes. The 2" LCD screen on the back shows you what’s being recorded and allows for playback or camera settings via the on screen menu, so you can edit, adjust or film with ease. It comes with Waterproof Housing for water sports like snow skiing, diving, surfing, or splashes by the pool.


The camera comes packed with 9 accessories including mounts, custom skin wraps, remote control and car charger. It’s lightweight and portable and uses a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, which is good for up to 90 minutes of normal usage. It is the perfect Sports Cam for outdoors and extreme sports.

2. Wi-Fi Multi Room Speaker


RRP: $179.95


Hear music from every room, whether it be different tracks in each room or the same tracks in the whole house with this Laser Q10 WiFi Multi Room Speaker. The Multi Room Speaker provides high quality sound and strong wireless connections so you can enjoy your favourite music in any room. The speakers connect directly to a WiFi network and can be controlled by any smartphone or tablet on the same network so Dad can listen to streaming services, personal playlists or even Internet radio.


Did you know?


The Qualcomm system is a true Wi-Fi Multi-room system. There is no need for a Wi-Fi gateway adaptor to connect your speakers. LASER’s speakers each have dual band Wi-Fi and connect individually and directly to your home Wi-Fi Modem/Router. Easily connect to 10 or more speakers. Simply take your speakers out of the box, connect them to your home router and you have a multi-room system with up to 10 speakers around your home. 




OUR NO.1 BEST SELLER: Navig8r Crash Camera PRO


Remember all those times Dad drove you to soccer games, rugby practice and when you had to borrow the car on a night out? It’s time to give Dad some recognition for all that time spent behind the wheel and to provide a solution to put Dad’s safety and security on the road first. 

Meet the “Big daddy” of dash cams. Not only does this handy device make insurance claims easy and save your license, the Navig8r Crash Camera PRO features unrivalled image clarity, GPS tracking and speed camera warnings, making it the perfect in-car black box for frequent drivers. 


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