Laser has a complete range of cables for every device. Whether you are looking to charge, transfer files or connect from your PC to a peripheral device, you will find the right cable for you here. HDMI cables, Standard USB cables, new USB Type C cables, 3 in 1 cables, adapters, multi packs and more. These cables also come in a range of lengths to suit every user.
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HDMI Cable v2.0 3m Gold 1080p

Prouct code: CB-HDMI3-V2

Have you just bought a 3D TV or do you need the ultimate in a high speed, high compatibility HDMI ca..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $72.68

HDMI Cable v2.0 5m Gold 1080p

Prouct code: CB-HDMI5-V2

The HDMI Cable V2.0 5m is the ultimate high speed, high compatibility HDMI cable for 3D TVs. Certif..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $90.86

LASER USB charging cable 0.5m for iPhone 5, iPad, iPod

Prouct code: IR-9PINUSB

This new USB to 9 pin connector can connect to any USB power source such as a home AC adaptor, car c..