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The Laser eTOUCH is a Mobile Internet Device (MID) that allows you to explore, engage and be entertained. The sleek, versatile tablet lets you access your email, watch movies, read books and play games.

Whether for business or personal use, New eTouch tablets are user-friendly, practical and portable. Running on Android and pre-loaded with apps the new eTouch tablet is great value. Simple enough for the kids to use or powerful enough for you to take on trips, it's the best bridge between your smartphone and your laptop.

What is a
Tablet (MID)

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Social Media

An app for every occasion


Connect to Wi-Fi and access over a quarter of a million apps on the Android Google Play store. Whether you’re a sports fan, a cooking buff, an avid gamer or a budding artist, there’s an app designed for you.

Surf the Internet


Browse the internet and bookmark your favorite websites. Send emails, book flights or manage your online banking.

Read eBooks from anywhere


Download and read eBooks in the palm of your hand, Including library e-books and DRM purchased books. Store thousands of your favourite novels or magazines in one portable, easy to use device.

Watch movies


Download and watch your favourite movies and TV shows. Watch them when you want, where you want.

Great for social media


Update your Facebook status, check your Twitter feed or like a photo on Instagram. Always in contact, never alone.

On Board Navigation

Navig[8]r GPS

eStreet Directory


Online with GPS

Built-in GPS Antenna

All Laser quad core tablets feature an in-built GPS antenna for location aware navigation.  Enjoy all the general functions of a GPS on your tablet with turn by turn voice navigation, fastest route calculation, points of interest and speed cam alerts.  You can also swap between GPS and the offline eStreet directory.

Offline with eStreet

Navig[8]r eStreet Directory

An electronic street map ready to go no matter where you are.

• You don’t have to be connected to the internet to find your bearings – the beauty of onboard mapping with UBD/Gregory’s

• Never buy a map update

• Use it wherever you want – rural, metro or overseas, anywhere really

• Plan your holiday – “ what attractions are around my hotel? ”

• Plan your journey – “ how do I get from Auckland to Wellington? ”

• Search – “ where is the closest ATM, train station or café? ”

No Wi-Fi or internet connection required

•  Complete map is preloaded

•  No costly data fee

•  Available anywhere –remote areas, aeroplanes, at sea, indoors, the outback

Free Maps for life

•  Includes new suburbs, roads & highways, POIs

•  Rapid map updates monthly

World Maps available

•    Load other countries (>176)

•    No need for paper maps or internet connection

•    Ideal travelling companion

Compare with Navigator GPS, estreet and Google map app

What makes us

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The Laser eTouch Tablet Range

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Why buy a LASER MID?

For 30 years, we have been bringing the latest consumer electronics in Australia. We have sold millions of portable entertainment devices such as MP3 players, portable TVs, DVD players and digital radios. We were the first to market with a colour LCD eReader and in 2011 we were market leaders – arguably paving the road for an MID.


We know how content works, like getting music onto MP3 players or eBooks onto eReaders. We know about licensing and compatibility, like DRM for eBooks, file compatibility and codecs. We know about maps and navigation, our Navig8r GPS was made by us in Australia and hundreds of thousands of motorists still use our GPS.


We have partnered with world leaders – Symantec security, Quickflix movie content and Navteq mapping. Moreover, we do everything locally. From packaging, product manuals, website and service – so we are in touch with the Aussie consumer because we’re just like you (unlike some China importers).


Our service and support is second to none. We are not a call centre in India. We don’t outsource to a 3rd party. We have real people on the phone, on email, online chat or in person. Customers are always welcome to pop into our office for a chat with the team.


The bottom line is, we may not be a computer company and we don’t sell computers. But an MID is a portable entertainment device and if there’s one thing we know, then it’s this. You could say that everything we’ve been doing for 30 years has culminated in the MID tablet device.


Windows 8.1



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