LED Bluetooth Ultra-Portable Speaker

Bluetooth Compatible
Compatible with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth transmitting devices.


Rechargeable Battery
Built-in lithium battery 2,000mAh for up to 6 hours play on one charge offers you hours of listening pleasure.


LED Light Show
Multi-colour LED's light up as you play music and change according to your music selection.


USB and Micro SD Card compatible
Play music from the Micro SD card slot, USB port or 3.5mm audio jack (via the adapter cable supplied).


FM Radio
Listen to your favourite radio stations.


Water Resistant
IPX5 water rating will protect your device from water jets in any direction.


Built-in Microphone
Allows you to answer and make phone calls whilst paired to your phone.

What is the difference between batteries?

The latest development with Lithium-Ion (LI) battery technology has been the introduction of the Lithium Polymer based battery. Not only does the Lithium Polymer battery last longer, the battery is no longer limited to traditional battery cylindrical shapes. The battery can now be moulded into a customised shape to fit inside any product making it the choice for manufacturers developing the latest slimline and stylish devices. For best results and like with all other batteries, LI batteries should always have top up charges if put in storage for extended periods of time.


What is the difference between Bluetooth 3 and Bluetooth 4?

Bluetooth 4 is a format of Bluetooth that is largely more power efficient compared to Bluetooth 3. The battery life can almost be measured in months and years rather than hours and days.


Headset HSP

This is the most commonly used profile, providing support for Bluetooth speakers to be used with mobile phones. It offers the ability to ring, answer a call, hang up and adjust the volume direct from your portable speaker.


Wireless Talk HFP

This allows the user to answer calls from a mobile phone and to speak directly into the speaker, as compare to into the mobile phone.



The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is a Bluetooth profile that allows for the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source (typically a phone or computer) to an A2DP receiver (a Bluetooth speaker or stereo system).


Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR

Bluetooth 3.0 single-chip solution that enables three times greater data rate non-EDR solutions, providing advanced wireless connectivity for Bluetooth devices and longer battery life than competing solutions. 24 Mbit/s built-in support for Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), enabling more sophisticated remote-control functions. Such as multiple Bluetooth connections. Pair your headphones to two devices. Eg your car and or your phone.



Move to the beat and light up your life with this Wireless Speaker with LED Lights and FM radio.

Colour's change with your selection of music in LED-pulsed rhythms.

Splash-proof with up to 6 hour battery life, this device is perfect for those in need of a compact and portable speaker for all occasions.

Whether you are using it by the pool, at a party or with the family camping, this portable device can turn any space into a party.


Or for EARBUDS and HEADPHONES Click Here

Connection Type USB, Micro SD Card, Bluetooth 3.0
Wireless Y
Rechargable battery Y
Battery life / Charge time Charge up to 3 hours, Play up to 6 hours
Bluetooth V2.1 / 3.0 +EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
Bluetooth A2DP (CD stereo sound) Y
Bluetooth HSP (Wireless music) Y
Bluetooth HFP (Wireless chat) Y
Charging socket (DC / USB input) Micro USB
Microphone built in (for chat) Y
Weight(kg) 0.4
Product Dimensions (mm) 108 x 350 x 550
Warranty(month) 12
Inner Carton Qty 4
Master Carton Qty 24
EAN barcode 9335432024937

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