Certified Portable Qi Wireless Pad with Triple Coils

Qi charging certified

Certified by the Wireless Charging Consortium to ensure safety and quality

Triple coil Qi wireless charging

Helps you to find the right position easily

Discreet Size

Fits neatly on your desk or bedside table

Power Indicator

Power light indicator tells you if your phone is being charged

What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is a convenient way to charge your devices without using cables. Simply place your wireless charging compatible phone onto a charging pad and your device will automatically start charging. Lead by two industry standards, the Wireless Power Consortium and the AirFuel Alliance.

What is Qi?

Qi pronounced “Chee” is the name of the wireless inductive charging standard from the Wireless Charging Consortium. It is the most widely supported standard in the market and supported by brands such as Samsung and Apple.

How does it work?

Qi uses inductive charging whilst Air fuel uses resonance based technologies. Inductive and resonance based technologies produce quite different results from an end user perspective, despite being based on the same engineering principle that coils of wire can be used to transmit power over the air. Power is transferred from a transmitting coil in the charging pad to a receiver in your device.

Is wireless charging faster or slower than charging by cable?

Generally speaking, wireless charging (5 watts) is 50% slower than charging by cable. With 9 watt fast wireless charging, that reduces to 25% slower and with 15 Watt super-fast wireless charging the times are comparable to Cable Charging. Wireless Fast Charging 9watt or 15watt will require a Fast Charging enabled phone. Check with your supplier for compatability.

What devices are currently supported?

Qi now the dominant force in wireless charging supports a range of phones with all new Samsung and the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X being supported. If your phone does not have a receiver built in you can always purchase a receiver to plug into the USB-C, Lightening or Micro USB slot on your phone. They can be easily purchased online. For full compatibility visit: Compatible Wireless Charging Phones.

How long does Qi charging take to charge my device?

On Standard Wireless 5W (1amp) charging your device will take about twice as long to charge as if it were charging on a standard charging cable. However some charging cables will charge at the same speed. It will depend what charging adapter you use. Check to see if your cable adapter gives out 1Amp, 2Amp or 2.4Amp or 3Amp.

Do I still need an AC adaptor? Will my old one work?

Your Qi charging pad will come with a charging cable which you will need to plug into a USB port for power. You can use any charging cable but first check the charging pad to see if it requires a USB Micro or USB C type port. If you don’t have a USB A port to plug the cable into you may need a wall charger adapter.

Is it safe? Can I leave the phone on there?

Qi charging is actually very safe to use. The electromagnetic field generated by the transmitters are very small and weak in power, only operating over short distances. Inductive charging has been used in many applications, such as your electric toothbrush, medical devices and more.

Where can I use a Qi charging product?

You can use your Qi charging pad wherever you have access to a USB A port. Places such as your car, home or office via your pc or laptop. You could even connect it to a standard power bank. Or you could find a Qi wireless charging power bank with a Qi transmitter built in. Then you can wirelessly charge your phone anywhere.

What’s the difference between licensed and not licensed?

There are various options available for wireless charging. Some are certified by the Qi Wireless Consortium, the governing body for Qi charging. Look for the Qi logo to see if your model is certified. Whilst models without the Qi logo will work, those with the Qi logo have been tested and approved by the consortium.

Does the device need to touch the pad? Do I need to remove my phone case?

Your phone must be within 3mm distance of the charging pad to charge successfully. Some phone cases can be quite thick and obstruct charging however most cases will not affect the capacity to charge your phone.

What about Apple Watch and Apple Airpods?

New generation Apple Watches 3.0 and Apple Airpods support wireless charging however Apple has decided that they should only be compatible with the Apple “Air Power” charging standard. Whilst the technology is the same as Qi, Apple has decided to create their own charging standard for these two products.


Supports all Qi Wireless charging smart phones (Updated May 2017)


Note: Models not listed can charge via the 4 x onboard USB ports


Apple iPhone

iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8Plus


S6/S6 Edge
S6/S6 Edge
S7/S7 Edge
Note 5
Note 7
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8+
Galaxy Edge S6+


Htc 8x
Htc 8xt
Incredible 4G LTE
LG E960
LG Optimus G Pro E988
Lumia 830
Lumia 920
Lumia 820
Lumia 1020
Lumia 1520
Lumia 930
Lumia .Lcon929

Yota Phone2

Xperia Z2 

For more information on wireless charging please visit the Qi Wireless Charging Consortium website: http://www.qiwireless.com/

Laser Qi-Wireless charging pad is the future of phone charging. Simply place your Qi compatible phone onto the pad. Qi Certified wireless chargers have been tested and approved by the Qi Wireless Power Consortium for safety, and compatibility. This ensures optimal performance and the fastest possible charging speeds with the additional benefit of the triple coil, making it easier to place your phone in the right position to charge.

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Product Dimensions (mm)78 x 115 x 10
Inner Carton Qty6
Master Carton Qty24
EAN barcode9335432027747
3 key feature benefits1) Triple coil Qi wireless charging 2) Charging Certified 3) Portable pocket design

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