10 USB Port Charging Cabinet Station with UV Light and Sliding Shelf (10 x 2.1A)

- Individual LED status lights 
  Red - Charging
Green - Fully Charged

- Easy access sliding shelves and pop-out metal handles 

- Built in UV lamps to help treat surface viruses and bacteria. (Automatically turns on when door is closed), cleaner tablets after charged

- Heavy duty metal castor wheels for complete maneuverability

- Built-in over-charging and over-heating safety protection

Unit stays cool with fan and ventilated sides

- Easily manoeuvre units with convenient built-in handles and wheels

- Secure your tablets with a door lock

- Sliding shelves allowing for easy access




Your technology products are dirty!


Todays technology products are dirty. We run our fingers across them all day, while eating our lunch, at home, at work, on public transport and even while we are trying to multitask in the bathroom. Smart screen tablets can harbour all kinds of harmful bacteria that would make you think twice about touching them. Enterobacteria such as e.coli and Staphylococcus which can cause food poisoning are commonly found on the things we touch. If we are not careful our tablets will harbour such harmful bacteria.


Lasers Charge and Sync stations come with a UV light which is useful in preventing the build up of these harmful bacteria. Ultraviolet light kills microorganisms by damaging their DNA. UV radiation disrupts the chemical bonds that hold the atoms of DNA together in the microorganism. If the damage is severe enough, the bacteria cannot repair the damage and the cells die. Prolonged exposure to UV light helps ensure complete kill-off of all microorganisms. Unlike chemical treatments, however, UV-treated air or water does not resist re-contamination.


How Power Output is delivered

The three most common values used when discussing electricity are; 1) Voltage or “V” (measured in volts), 2) Resistance or “r” (measured in Ohms) and 3) Current or “I” (measured in Amps)
When applying these terms to Consumer Electronics, we most commonly hear about them being applied around products like USB charging devices. 

In this application most of us know USB runs on about 5.0 volts. Resistance, well, resistance is very rarely used and of little interest however when compared to current.
Current is very important as it describes the strength of the voltage or how fast it flows.

If you consider your garden hose as an analogy - voltage would be the width of the hose, the current would be how fast the water flows through it.
Eg. You can fill up a bucket of water faster when you turn the tap on faster. 

When talking about wall plug USB chargers, built-in circuitry converts the 240 volts mains power down to 5 volts (for USB) and in varying currents or amps. Car chargers also do the same this, however they convert 12 volts down to 5 volts also with varying strengths. Early chargers only had fairly modest outputs of about 1.0 amp, however modern chargers can now output up to 2.4 amp which effectively can charge a device in almost half the time. 

This 5 volt USB power can also be used not only charge your smart phone or tablet, but it can also be used to charge portable power storage devices called power banks. These power banks can also deliver varying amounts of current or amps however it is measured in a slightly different way, called Milliamp Hour or mAH for short. Eg if your smart phone has a 5,000mAh battery, you can get up to two full charges from a power bank that can hold up to 10,000mAh of power.  


As more tablets are deployed into classrooms, businesses and retail spaces, providing a convenient and secure storage location is becoming a big need. Luckily Laser has the perfect answer with the new Charge Stations. With space for up to 10, 20, 30 and 40 tablets including iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Surface Pro 2-in 1's, Kindles, Phones and more, our cabinets are the perfect place to charge the devices after everyone has gone home for the day so they’re powered up and ready in the morning. A tamper-resistant, front door offers security with customized key access, and the included mounting plate or cable locks keep the cabinets in place.

No more messy cables! 

Get organized for your tablets and smartphone!

Quick charge up to 10 tablets simultaneously, it is a simple solution for schools and businesses that deploy tablets as a workplace tool. 

Looking for shorter ( 15cm ) charging cables to make it look neater and tidier?  Check out our 10 Pack 2 in 1 (suitable for all Android, Apple and Windows devices), available in black andwhite :http://www.laserco.com.au/CB-2IN1-10WHT-lightning-and-micro-usb-2-in-1-charging-cable-in-15cm-10-pack-white

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Charge & Sync Tablet Cabinets
Bay Dimensions 22.8 x 253 x 200
Number of Bays 10
Side out Bay Trays Y
Space saving door N
Adjustable trays for devices with protective covers N
Suitable for Tablets / Laptops / Notebooks (up to 15.6 inch) For tablets or the devices charged by USB port.
Number of USB Sockets 10
Amps per USB Socket Up to 2.1A
Number of main 240v Sockets N
Number of Spare 240v sockets (for peripherals) N
Individual Charge Status Light Y
Data Sync (Supports iOS) N
Lockable door with key Y
Stackable Y
Wall mountable N
Castor Wheels N
Hygienic UV Lamp Y
Over current & voltage protection Y
Accommodates the most popular size & shaped of AC adaptor N/A
Suitable for iOS / Android / Windows Y
Weight(kg) 15.7
Product Dimensions (mm) 393 x 325 x 336
Warranty(month) 12
Inner Carton Qty 1
Master Carton Qty 1
EAN barcode 9335432023497
3 key feature benefits - Air cooled storage compartments - LED status indicator for each charging bay - Charge and store up to 40 devices safety with lockable door
  • $699.95
  • Ex Tax: $636.32
  • Product Code: PW-CS10
  • Availability: In Stock

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