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Track, monitor and store vital statistics from your adventures or exercise

Add a new dimension to your exercise and sporting experience. Ideal for walking, jogging, biking, hiking and skiing

Monitor statistics such as coordinates, elevation, speed, trip logs and distance

Bonus PC software suite - connect, download and share your trip data using Google Maps, Flickr and Picasa 

What are the waterproof ratings?

IP ratings show that a product has been tested to resist penetration by dust and water. As some will be better than others at this, the IP rating sceheme provides a common definition and explanation about a products performance to standardised tests.  IP is followed by 2 digits to define the level of protection against dust and water respectively.  IP00 means no protection at all.  At the other extreme, IP68 means total protection where the first digit 6 means it is totally dust proof and the second digit 8 means protection against high water pressure and full submersion.  Please see chart for interpretation of the digits: 






The Navig8r Navwatch S10 is a GPS enabled watch allowing you to track your route for later review and monitor details such as waypoints, latitude/longitude, altitude, dual time zones, stopwatch, date and so on. It even knows where in the world you are so it can synchronise time with the GPS time... imagine stepping off the plane in another country and having accurate to the second time automatically sync up. Great for athletes, travelers, skiers or adventurers - the Navwatch S10 is rugged enough to take anywhere. The Navwatch S10 connects to a PC with a USB dock and dedicated software. With the software you can choose to view your route/journey on Google Maps or view waypoint and segment data.

You can also tag photos you may have taken along the way with GPS NMEA data so that others can see on a map where the photo was taken. Simply copy any photo you may have taken with a digital camera, smartphone or even a tablet PC on your journey and the software will match up the time and date of the photo to the time and date of your location which was recorded on the S10 watch. So now you don't need to remember where that great restaurant was or the location of a new picnic spot...take a photo of it, tag it and share it with your friends and family.

The onboard direction indicator is a neat feature which can point to a pre-set waypoint (like your next destination) or you can just mark your start point so that the pointer always points back to where you started - great for exploring new areas - never get lost again!


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Compass - Take me home Y - Start point marking
Colours Yellow / Black
USB Connection / Dock Y
Heart Rate Monitor (type) n/a
Bicycle Handlebar Mount n/a
Software on CD Yes, included (PC only)
Printed Instruction Manual Y
Other external features
Device Features
Worldwide usage 99% world wide GPS coverage
DGPS & SBAS (WAAS) GPS reciever Yes- Faster GPS acquire and reacquire times
Track your route on Google Maps Y
GPS recording interval 10 seconds
Time of day sync with GPS Y
Auto Lap Count (using GPS marker) N
Manual Lap Count Y
Alert Type Visual and Audible alerts
Weight(kg) 0.5
Product Dimensions (mm) w:30.000 h:25.833 d:89.167
Warranty(month) 12
Inner Carton Qty 1
Master Carton Qty 24
EAN barcode 9335432012996
3 key feature benefits 1: Monitor statistics such as coordinates, elevation, speed, trip logs and distance 2: PC software suite. Connect, download and share your trip data using Google Maps, Flickr and Picasa. 3: Waypoint routing and take me home mode
Heart Rate Monitor Features
Pulse Monitor - Type n/a
Heart Rate Range (in beats per minute) n/a
Heart Rate as a % of Max Heart Ratge (by Age) N
Heart Rate Zones with Audible Alarm N
Pulse (heart rate) display N
Calorie Counter Yes, via Software
On Device Display Functions
Current Speed (kph) Y
Average Speed (kph) Y
Maximum Speed (kph) Yes
Trip Meter (distance travelled for this trip) Yes
Countdown Timer (to show time left on a preset time limit) N
Odometer (km) - total distance travelled Y
Timer - to measure how long since session start Y
Track Record Time - how long total session has taken Y
selectable mph or kph measurement NA
Handlebar Mount type n/a
Tracking Software
USB Connection to PC Via dedicated docking cradle
User Profile Input Y (age, male/female)
Route view on Google Maps Y
Date and Time of recorded route Y
route speed and Distance travelled Y
Display Latitude / Longitude of route Y
Display Altitude of Route Y
Track management Y - save previous journeys to compare progress
Photo Tagging Y - your photos (with time/date) can be sync'd with GPS location
Waypoint Routing Y - Mark out waypoints on the software for the watch to direct you to
Overlay Compare (day/week.month) Y
Other Device Features
Time of Day Y
Dual Time Zones Y
Day and Date display Y
Stopwatch Function Y
Waypoint Compass Y - Pointer on watch can point to next waypoint
Wake up alarm Y
Battery Charge Time (to 100%) 4 hours via USB on a PC (faster if on an AC charger)
Battery Run Time (Typical usage) Up to 7 hours GPS ON; 90 days GPS OFF
water resistant 50 metres @ 5ATM
Luminescent Backlight Y
Battery Type 300 Mah rechargable
Battery Level Indicatior Y
GPS Signal Indicator Y
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