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    FHD 1080P @ 30fps

    Experience high definition recording to capture outdoor sports activities such as mountain bike riding, rollerblading and watersports


    Waterproof Case

   Inside the waterproof case, the camera is submersible for up to 30m. Ideal for surfing, kayaking, skiing and all other outdoor activities.


    Colour LCD Screen

    Allows you to view clear pictures and videos.


8.0 Mega Pixel Still Image Resolution

Capture unique moments without noise or ghosting.


Essential Accessories Included

This pack includes waterproof casing, a remote controller, helmet mount, bike mount, USB cable.

What is the difference between Batteries?

The latest development with Lithium-Ion (LI) battery technology has been the introduction of the Lithium Polymer based battery. Not only does the Lithium Polymer battery last longer, the battery is no longer limited to traditional battery cylindrical shapes.  The battery can now be moulded into a customised shape to fit inside any product making it the choice for manufacturers developing the latest slimline and stylish devices.  For best results and like with all other batteries, LI batteries should always have top up charges if put in storage for extended periods of time.


What is the difference between 25fps, 30fps, 60fps?

"fps" standards for Frames Per Second (or just Frame Rate). Simply put, a higher Frame Rate means a smoother and more detailed viewing experience.  For example the old Merry Melody hand drawn cartoons could be anywhere between 8 and 12 frames per second and by today’s standards look very jolting and un-natural. With more frames per second, movements can be made to look a lot smoother and life like.  30fps looks good.  60fps looks even better.


How much difference is there between 720p and 1080p?

These are used to describe picture resolution show the number of vertical lines. In the case of 720p, 720 lines are displayed.  In the case of 1080p, 1080 lines are displayed on the screen which is probably the most common resolution on TVs today.  1080p is higher in resolution and will display a noticeably better picture.


Should I buy a SD card with the biggest Memory so I can record more?

For most cameras, you want the biggest capacity SD card so you can record more.  However it is not a critical requirement for crash cameras as they cycle record and continually recycle space on an existing card.  The need to purchase a larger card would come down more to the cost differential between sizes and any possible second use you may have for the card when not in use for example as a camera card or as memory for another portable device.  


What are the Waterproof Ratings?

IP ratings show that a product has been tested to resist penetration by dust and water. As some will be better than others at this, the IP rating scheme provides a common definition and explanation about a products performance to standardised tests.  IP is followed by 2 digits to define the level of protection against dust and water respectively.  IP00 means no protection at all.  At the other extreme, IP68 means total protection where the first digit 6 means it is totally dust proof and the second digit 8 means protection against high water pressure and full submersion.  Please see chart for interpretation of the digits: 


Whether you are out mountain biking, at the beach, snow or up for your first bungee jump, the Navig8r Sports Camera F18 captures all the action in Full High Definition at 30 frames per second. Compact in design but easy to use, this sports camera is ideal for action sports and outdoor activities.

The Navig8r Sports Cam 1080X features Full High Definition video recording to capture action in high definition detail. This compact and lightweight Sports Cam allows you to mount the camera in more positions for that unique perspective. An improved waterproof housing is great for the beach, snow, diving or watersports where you wouldn't dare take your smartphone or digital still camera. The 2 colour LCD screen lets you review footage on the spot, so you can delete the shots you don't want and replay the ones you do want.

Compact and easy to use, the Navig8r Sports Cam 1080X comes equipped with nine accessories, including a handy wireless remote control and a 4 pack of custom vinyl skin wraps to personalise your camera.

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Other external features
Still Image MegaPixel (MP) 8
Still image resolution Up 4000 × 3000
Default Video Res. 1080p
Optional Video Res. 720p
Video Format AVI
Viewing angle 120 degrees
f.stop 2.9
White Bal N
Video with sound Y
Build-in Microphone Y
Self-Timer Y
Continuous Shot Y
Face Detection N
Anti-Shake N
Cycle record N
LCD Back light Y
Remote Control N
Waterproof Case Y
Helmet Mount - Adhesive (flat) Y
Helmet Mount - Adhesive (curved) Y
Helmet mount - strap through type Y
Handle Bar Clamp Y
Suction (car) N
Car charger N
tether strap for board mount N
Surfboard mount (adhesive type) N
Chest Strap N
Tripod Mounting screw Y
Roll Bar Mount N
Helmet - rotating N
Belt Clip Y
WiFi Connectivity N
SD Card type / size Micro (Up to 32GB)
Battery Y (Built-in)
Dimension & weight 59 x 41 x 29mm 72g
Weight(kg) 0.2
Product Dimensions (mm) 59 x 41 x 29
Warranty(month) 12
Inner Carton Qty 4
Master Carton Qty 8
EAN barcode 9335432025408
3 key feature benefits 1) Includes 18 accessories 2) FHD Resolution 3) LCD Viewing screen
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