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Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking

Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
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Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
Car Crash Camera HD720p with GPS Tracking
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  • Model: NAVCAM-GPS
  • Weight: 0.39kg
  • Dimensions: 15.00cm x 15.00cm x 7.00cm
  • Barcode: 9335432013160
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You're looking at the world's smallest in car camera recorder with GPS tracking. The Crash Cam GPS not only records video (in HD) and sound, but it also records GPS track information which, combined with the video, can be played back on a PC to show you where you travelled (Google maps) as well as your location (latitude / longitude), altitude and actual speed. Like our other Crash Cams it is easy to set up and use, it automatically turns on and off with your car's ignition and records in loop segments (depending on the size of your micro SD card). It has a built-in battery so it you can take it with you (yes it can even take photos) or leave it in your car to automatically record when it senses movement when you're not around. The Navig8r Crashcam-GPS gives you the ultimate in peace of mind by recording video proof of an accident / incident as well as the actual GPS location data which can be viewed in Google Maps.

YouTube Video here:



Software supplied to view video and Google Map:


Check out these features:


  • Record your journey's video and GPS track data
  • Real GPS tracking includes latitude, longitude, altitude, actual speed, time and date
  • Video resolution when the Micro SD card is played on a PC or media player: 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps (HD quality) 
  • AV output if Crashcam  HD is connected via the 3.5mm composite out to TV RCA composite in - up to 476i (SD)
  • Built in digital still camera (2MP resolution - interpolated)
  • 1.4" colour TFT LCD display screen
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, microphone and speaker
  • Loop cycle record in selectable 2 or 5 or 15 minute increments
  • Time and date stamp on video or still image whilst recording
  • USB direct connection to PC (no need for a card reader)
  • When in use in a car, automatic on/off when car is on/off (your car's 12v cigarette socket must turn off when your ignition is off)
  • This device can be charged and record at the same time.
  • Supports Micro SDHC up to 32GB. Class 4 cards are recommended

* This is NOT a navigational device (it will not guide you to a location), it records your GPS track information.

*Note: Please be aware of privacy issues when recording incidents in public. Recorded image quality will vary with different lighting and speed of travel.

A Micro SD card (speed class 4) is required for operation.

Please refer below which shows Recording time vs Card Capacity

Video Storage Capacity







1280*720 (720P)






640*480 (VGA)






General Specification
WiFi Built in
Built in Battery
Extension cable length
On-board power switch
Right Angled connection tips
Built in Microphone
Dual Cameras (incl. occupant camera)
Device Description
LCD screen size
Memory Card Type
Still Picture resolution (Megapixels)
Adjustable lens (front)
Auto ON/OFF with car ON/OFF
Video Capture Resolution
IR sensors for low light recording
Charging Connection
Video Output
Windscreen Mount
Rechargable Battery / Capacity
GPS tracking function (via Google Maps)
Wide Angle Lens
Video Playback File Format
Video Playback software
Motion Detect Record (whilst stationary)
Loop recording
On device Menu Controls
GPS Tracking
On Board GPS tracking
Speed Camera Alert
Time Synchronisation with GPS
G-Sensor (Shock sensor)
Google Map (in software) review of journey
Direct Wire to Car 12v/24v
Device AV output
Speed Alert on approach to Camera
Bump File Record
Full Screen Speedo
Other external features
Speed Sign Recognition
Driver Fatigue Reminder
Stop and Go Alert
Lights On Reminder
ON device menu options
12v/24v Mini USB car charger
Device Hardware
image size (video resolution)
Time Stamp
Motion Detection
Audio record (Mic on/off)
Set Record Segment Time
Night Mode (IR LED illuminators)
Format Memory Card
Menu Language
Reset to Default Settings
Frequency (for video output)
Date / time set
TV out (set PAL or NTSC)
Delete images / video on device
Show image/video thumbnails
Adjust volume of speaker
Product Dimensions (mm)w:30.000 h:28.000 d:94.000
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Master Carton Qty20
EAN barcode9335432013160
3 key feature benefits1: World's smallest in car DVR with GPS. 2: GPS tracking. View your journey by video and Google Map playback 3: High Definition video recording (1280 x 720 Pixels, 30fps)
ThumbFile information
High Resolution Image - 21.84MB 145
User Manual - NAVCAM-GPS.pdf.pdf 936.94KB 721
Software - 29.31MB 273

Why is motion detection important?

Motion detection automatically turns on and begins recording when motion is detected.  Even when your car is not running and unattended, if either a burglar or another car hits yours for example, the camera will begin recording.  Make sure you choose your Navig8r crashcam with Motion Detection feature to monitor your car for you.


Why do I need time stamp?

The time stamp is a very useful tool. Some of its uses are to: record the date and time of an incident for future reference, help locate sections of a recording if it is particularly long, verify when the footage was taken.  It can be used as a business tool to monitor the date and time of customers visits by employees.  Choose one of many Laser cameras with Time Stamp feature today.


What is the difference between batteries?

The latest development with Lithium-Ion (LI) battery technology has been the introduction of the Lithium Polymer based battery. Not only does the Lithium Polymer battery last longer, the battery is no longer limited to traditional battery cylindrical shapes.  The battery can now be moulded into a customised shape to fit inside any product making it the choice for manufacturers developing the latest slimline and stylish devices.  For best results and like with all other batteries, LI batteries should always have top up charges if put in storage for extended periods of time.


Can Crash Cam be used as a legal eye witness?

Crash Cam footage and any video footage such as those from security cameras or simple photos taken by smart phones are regularly used as evidence during legal proceedings. These critical pieces of evidence regularly help to collaborate accounts and can effectively been seen as another eye witness account.  Invest in a Navig8r Crash Cam today to be your eye witness partner.


How much difference is there between 720p and 1080p?

These are used to describe picture resolution show the number of vertical lines. In the case of 720p, 720 lines are displayed.  In the case of 1080p, 1080 lines are displayed on the screen which is probably the most common resolution on TVs today.  1080p is higher in resolution and will display a noticeably better picture.


Should I buy a SD card with the biggest memory so I can record more?

For most cameras, you want the biggest capacity SD card so you can record more.  However it is not a critical requirement for crash cameras as they cycle record and continually recycle space on an existing card.  The need to purchase a larger card would come down more to the cost differential between sizes and any possible second use you may have for the card when not in use for example as a camera card or as memory for another portable device.  

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