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Laser Navig8r Dual Car Crash Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS (NAVC-817D)

Laser Navig8r Dual Car Crash Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS (NAVC-817D)
Laser Navig8r Dual Car Crash Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS (NAVC-817D)
Laser Navig8r Dual Car Crash Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS (NAVC-817D)
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Laser Navig8r Dual Car Crash Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS (NAVC-817D)
Laser Navig8r Dual Car Crash Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS (NAVC-817D)
Laser Navig8r Dual Car Crash Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS (NAVC-817D)
Laser Navig8r Dual Car Crash Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS (NAVC-817D)
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  • Model: NAVC-817D
  • Weight: 0.70kg
  • Dimensions: 21.60cm x 15.00cm x 8.50cm
  • Barcode: 9335432026603
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Meet the Dual Camera Full High Definition In-Car Digital Video Recorder with GPS Tracking and App Connectivity. Dual cameras capture evidence in front and behind the vehicle. Play video from in front, behind or via an inset dual camera view. Both cameras can be set up in any car without the need for specialist installation.

At 1080p (@30FPS) video quality and a wide angle lens, the front camera is ideal for recording evidence whilst driving, in both daylight and at night. The rear camera captures the action behind the vehicle in High Definition. Pick out number plates, street signs, house numbers and people’s faces.

It comes with a built-in GPS which tracks speed, time and location details ensuring all the evidence you collect is accurate and accountable. Replay footage on your PC using the included PC software. It also comes with all the standard car DVR functions like loop recording, built-in microphone, auto bump record and motion recording.

Connect via Wi-Fi to your phone or tablet to store footage, change the settings on your camera or share to social media.

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Dual Cameras - Front and Rear
Maximum coverage from two dedicated wide-angle front and rear cameras. Record incidents in front or behind your vehicle.


High Definition Video, Day or Night
A superior image processor combined with a six glass element lens produces class leading video footage whether its night or day.


Reverse Camera Functionality
Take the stress out of reversing with a complete wide-angle reversing camera. The screen will automatically switch to the rear camera when you place your gear into reverse***


GPS Tracking
A GPS receiver records speed, time and location ensuring all the evidence you collect is accurate and accountable. The included interactive mapping software can also be used to plot your exact trip for future reference. 


Advanced Safety Features
Receive warning alerts when accidentally departing lanes or if you get too close to the car in front.


Wifi APP Connectivity
Connect via Wifi to your phone or tablet to view or store footage and change the settings on your camera. Use your footage to share with friends or store in a secondary location as a backup.


* Certain conditions may prevent the forward collision warnings from operating correctly. Glare, harsh reflections, low light conditions, rain, fog, dirt, snow on windscreen and on the road can impact how this feature functions. Forward collision will only operate in normal daylight conditions not lower than the light conditions on a cloudy day.

^ Lane Departure Warnings require correct calibration to capture road markings and is recommended to be used on main roads with good visible road markings. Glare, harsh reflections, low light conditions, rain, fog, dirt, snow on windscreen and on road markings can impact how this feature functions. Lane departure warnings will work best on straight roads like motorways and highways, and performance may be limited on bends and windy roads. Changing lanes may also trigger the alerts.

General Specification
Built in BatteryY
On-board power switchY
Built in MicrophoneY
Dual Cameras (incl. occupant camera)Y (Front and Back)
Device DescriptionDual camera in-vehicle car camera recorder
LCD screen size3.0 inch
Memory Card TypeMicro SD (Up to 32GB, Class 6 or 10 recommended)
Still Picture resolution (Megapixels)12MP
Auto ON/OFF with car ON/OFFY
Video Capture Resolution1080P FHD
Charging ConnectionMini USB
Video OutputMicro HDMI
Windscreen MountY
Rechargable Battery / CapacityY
GPS tracking function (via Google Maps)N
Wide Angle Lens150 degrees
Video Playback File FormatAVI
Video Playback softwareN
Motion Detect Record (whilst stationary)Y
Loop recordingY
On device Menu ControlsY
GPS Tracking
On Board GPS trackingN
Speed Camera AlertN
Time Synchronisation with GPSN
G-Sensor (Shock sensor)Y
Google Map (in software) review of journeyN
Direct Wire to Car 12v/24vN
Speed Alert on approach to CameraN
Bump File RecordY
Full Screen SpeedoN
Other external features
Speed Sign RecognitionN
Driver Fatigue ReminderN
Stop and Go AlertN
Lights On ReminderN
ON device menu options
12v/24v Mini USB car chargerY
Device Hardware
Time StampY
Motion DetectionY (While the camera is powered)
Audio record (Mic on/off)Y
Set Record Segment TimeY
Format Memory CardY
Menu LanguageEnglish
Reset to Default SettingsY
Date / time setY
TV out (set PAL or NTSC)N
Delete images / video on deviceY
Show image/video thumbnailsY
Product Dimensions (mm)100 x 75 x 45mm
Inner Carton Qty4
Master Carton Qty24
EAN barcode9335432021738
3 key feature benefits1: Front and rear Full HD cameras 2) Huge 3.7" screen for image playback 3) Super wide 170 degree field of view. See all the lanes of traffic and more.

Why do I need time stamp?

The time stamp is a very useful tool. Some of its uses are to: record the date and time of an incident for future reference, help locate sections of a recording if it is particularly long, verify when the footage was taken.  It can be used as a business tool to monitor the date and time of customers visits by employees.  Choose one of many Laser cameras with Time Stamp feature today.


What is the difference between batteries?

The latest development with Lithium-Ion (LI) battery technology has been the introduction of the Lithium Polymer based battery. Not only does the Lithium Polymer battery last longer, the battery is no longer limited to traditional battery cylindrical shapes.  The battery can now be moulded into a customised shape to fit inside any product making it the choice for manufacturers developing the latest slimline and stylish devices.  For best results and like with all other batteries, LI batteries should always have top up charges if put in storage for extended periods of time.


Can Crash Cam be used as a legal eye witness?

Crash Cam footage and any video footage such as those from security cameras or simple photos taken by smart phones are regularly used as evidence during legal proceedings. These critical pieces of evidence regularly help to collaborate accounts and can effectively been seen as another eye witness account.  Invest in a Navig8r Crash Cam today to be your eye witness partner.


How much difference is there between 720p and 1080p?

These are used to describe picture resolution show the number of vertical lines. In the case of 720p, 720 lines are displayed.  In the case of 1080p, 1080 lines are displayed on the screen which is probably the most common resolution on TVs today.  1080p is higher in resolution and will display a noticeably better picture.


Should I buy a SD card with the biggest memory so I can record more?

For most cameras, you want the biggest capacity SD card so you can record more.  However it is not a critical requirement for crash cameras as they cycle record and continually recycle space on an existing card.  The need to purchase a larger card would come down more to the cost differential between sizes and any possible second use you may have for the card when not in use for example as a camera card or as memory for another portable device.