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Made for you and your goals

Use the Zeroner app (free app on iOS or Android) to set personal data such as height, weight, age and gender. Then set a step goal (like 10,000 for a day) and you’re ready to go. The new Zeroner app allows you to track and compare your progress over (day, week  or month) and also to compare with friends or upload your results to Facebook.



Backlit display

Unlike other activity monitors, ours comes with a backlit display. This shows information like steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, battery status and time. Perfect on your wrist as a watch companion or just by itself.




Wireless sync with your smartphone

Connect wirelessly to an iPhone or Android Smartphone with low energy Bluetooth 4.0. Data is updated periodically and automatically without the need to manually synchronise (or connect) with your phone.




Sleep much?

You can also wear the wristband at night. The V Fitness Activity Monitor will record the quality of your sleep by measuring sleep turns. It also reminds you when  to go to sleep and when to wake up, so you can ensure that you’re getting the sleep you need.




Wake me up, not my partner

The V Fitness Activity Monitor comes with a handy clock and alarm. The clock is always accurate as it synchronises time with your smartphone. The alarm is the silent vibrating type, so only you get woken, not your partner.




No sweat, Im water resistant

V Fitness wristbands are made of a rubberized polymer and are water resistant. The integrated USB connector fits snugly within the band. So whether you’re running a marathon or walking in the rain, the V Fitness activity monitor will keep on working.




Longer lasting

With up to 5 days* of use between charges, the V Fitness activity monitor can go the distance. But when a charge is required, it only takes a few minutes to get back to full charge – it can also be charged from any USB outlet.




Track one time or for all time?

The V Fitness tracker can switch between tracking a one time event (like a bike ride, a morning run, a day of gardening) or show progress for all time (since your last reset which could be days, weeks or months) 




We’ve got you coloured

Each pack comes with three coloured wristbands (blue, black and pink).  So share with family and friends or keep them all for yourself to match your style / activity for the day.


What is the difference between batteries?

The latest development with Lithium-Ion (LI) battery technology has been the introduction of the Lithium Polymer based battery. Not only does the Lithium Polymer battery last longer, the battery is no longer limited to traditional battery cylindrical shapes.  The battery can now be moulded into a customised shape to fit inside any product making it the choice for manufacturers developing the latest slimline and stylish devices.  For best results and like with all other batteries, LI batteries should always have top up charges if put in storage for extended periods of time.


What are the waterproof ratings?

IP ratings show that a product has been tested to resist penetration by dust and water. As some will be better than others at this, the IP rating sceheme provides a common definition and explanation about a products performance to standardised tests.  IP is followed by 2 digits to define the level of protection against dust and water respectively.  IP00 means no protection at all.  At the other extreme, IP68 means total protection where the first digit 6 means it is totally dust proof and the second digit 8 means protection against high water pressure and full submersion.  Please see chart for interpretation of the digits: 


Clearance item, 3 months warranty

Track and monitor your fitness today with the V Fitness Activity Monitor.  The V Fitness activity wristband tracks how many steps you have taken, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep quality. It even tells the time and wakes you up – that’s right it has an alarm clock! 

Use the Zeroner app (free app on iOS or Android) to set personal data such as height, weight, age and gender! Connect wirelessly to an iPhone or Android Smartphone with low energy Bluetooth 4.0. It comes with a Backlit display so you can see everything clearly, water resistant so whether you’re running a marathon or walking in the rain - the
V Fitness activity monitor will keep on working
. It’s also longer lasting with up to 5 days* of use between charges. The V Fitness activity monitor can really go the distance!

You’ll be pleased to know that each pack comes with three coloured wristbands (blue, black and pink) – it really is made for YOU and your goals so get moving today!  

Works with Android 4.3 or above.


Download to the Zeroner App here:

AppStore ICON    GooglePlay ICON

Looking for other to track your health? Please see Blood Presure Monitor : http://www.laserco.com.au/navig8r-fitness/NAV-BPM10-SIL-blood-presure-monitor-blue-and-silver

Connected Health
Portable Yes
Construction Silicon rubber
Water Resistant Yes
Digital Read Out Yes
On-board Memory Yes
Built-in Battery Yes
USB Charging port Yes (Built-in male USB plug)
Battery Charge Time (to 100%) 10-15 minutes
Est. run time (on full charge) 3-4 days. To save battery - double press the main button to turn off blue light
Auto On/Off Power Yes
Alarm Clock Yes
Count Steps Taken Yes
View distance travelled Yes
Calories Burnt Yes
Attaches to Body Yes
Attachment Type e.g. Shoe, Wrist, Arm Wrist
Bluetooth Profile 4.0
Sync Data Wirelessly Yes
App Included Yes (Called Navig8r Move. Available via App Store or Play Store or website : www.LaserCo.com.au)
Suits Android/Apple/Windows Yes. Android 4.3 or above and Apple devices ( iPhone 4S or above) with 4.0 Bluetooth hardware
Share Results Yes
3 Key Feature Benefits 1) Track you daily routines on the on-board digital display 2) View the results in an informative graphical app on your smart phone 3) convenient built in USB plug
EAN Barcode 9335432019438
Weight(kg) 0.022
Product Dimensions (mm) 15 x 70 x 70

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