Insta360 Nano, World's Smallest and Lightest Dual Lens 360 Video Camera

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Dual Lens 360

The Insta360 Nano has a dual lens. Not a single lens like some 360 video cameras. Both lenses capture everything in front, behind above and below. Leaving no black spots. Shoot video and capture images that show a true 360 experience.


Shoot - Stitch - Share - Instantly

Simple and easy to use the Insta360 Nano shoots video or photos, stitches the two lenses together instantly and allows you to share the images or footage to Facebook, Youtube and other social media sites instantly. No other Dual Lens camera can do this right from the camera. No need to connect to your PC, convert the files before manually uploading to social media. Shoot film and images on the go and upload them from anywhere.


Wireless streaming support

The Insta360 Nano support wireless 360 video streaming. While not currently available on Facebook and Youtube this camera has built in wireless streaming support ready for when these services become available. Allowing you to shoot and share live 360 video via Youtube and social media.


3K Resolution Video (3040 x 1520p)

Super high 3K resolution captures clear and super high quality images. Shoot video at true 3K Resolution. Upload those videos to social media to share with the world.


360 Panaramic Photos

In Photo Mode you can shoot full 360 photos and share them instantly to on your social media websites.



30 Frames per second video recording. Means your video will be smooth without jolting or shuttering even while you are moving or shooting action videos.



The Insta360 Nano is small and portable 360 video camera. It fits in the palm of your hand or connected to you iPhone 6/6s. When you are not using it simply place it in your pocket or purse for use later.


Fits perfectly to you iPhone 6 / 6 s / 6Plus / 6Plus /7 /7 Plus

The Insta360 Nano connects to your iPhone directly for stitching and sharing photos and video on the go. You can also shoot film or photos  seperately then attache the Nano to your phone for stitching and sharing at a later time if you wish.


64 GB Micro SD Card Support

Store up to 64GB of footage on your device. Giving you hours of video and photos


Long Life Battery

The Insta360 Nano give you at least 2 hours of shooting on one charge. For more power simple plug in a power bank and continue to shoot video and photos all day.

Distributed in Au / NZ by Laser Corporation

What different for Dual Lens and Single Lens?

Dual lens 360 cameras allow you to capture everythingabove behind, in front and below. Complete 360 view. Single lense cameras are essentailly a single fish eye lense and only allow you to capture what is above the lense. Everything below will be blacked out.

SIngle lens Blind Spot

What is onboard stitching and what is the advantage to have the function?

On board stitching allows you to combine both the lense images into one 360 image. This means you can save time by not having to connect the camera to a PC to use the PC stitching softweare before sharing on social media or in VR goggles. On board stitching also allows you to stream wirlessly when the service becomes available on social media video sharing platforms.


Why is high resolution video is important?

360 video cameras capture no only what is in front of the lens but also the peripheral view. Your camera needs to be at least 3K or higher to really capture the full field of view in fine detail. Anything less will be pixelated and low appear as a low quality image.


Can I use the 360 Nano in a VR headset?

Yes of course. Once you have shot a video of photo you can use your phone to view the imagery in a VR headset. Simple select the VR mode.Works with Google Cardboard or any headset with phone holder. Videos and photos that are share on social media can also be viewed with the VR headset.




Capture and share your true 360 experience instantly using the Insta360 Nano.

The Insta360 Nano is a true Dual Lens 360 video camera. Shoot, stitch and share your 360 videos and photos on the go. This 360° spherical camera lets you easily take panoramic photos or shoot 360° videos. Simply attach the camera to your iPhone and use the Insta360 Nano app to shoot or upload to Facebook and Youtube directly. The Insta360 Nano is also able to shoot video unattached.  It not only can automatic stitching in real time, users can share footage directly to Facebook, WeChat, Youtube and other 360 supporting websites. also can Live Stream via Youtube Experience 360 immersive imagery, which will virtually let the camera be you!



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View 360° spherical trune panoramic photo and video examples:

Winter Festival 2016 Ice Skating

Fantastic Morning at Sydney Opera House with Harbour Bridge View

Word Yoga Day Australia 2016

Vivid Sydney 360 view with Opera House & Harbour Bridge

Sydney FC vs Shandong Luneng ( AFC Champions League)

World Yoga Day Australia 2016 Sydney Opera House (360° Video)


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Distributed in AU / NZ by Laser Corporation

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360 Camera Specifications
Video Mode (Resolution)3040 x 1520 30fps
Field of View360 x 360 degrees, Up and Down, Left to Right
Lens TypeDual 210° fisheye lenses
On-board video stitchingYes
Still Image Megapixel (MP)8 MegaPixel
Video format.insv
StorageMicro SD card slot, no card included
BatteryYes, 800mAh, can last 70 minutes continuously shoot video
SD Card Type / SizeMicro SD / HC Up to 64GB
Product Dimensions (mm)110 x33 x21mm
Inner Carton Qty10
Master Carton Qty40
EAN barcode9335432025286
3 key feature benefitsDual Lens 360 degrees 3K high resolution no black spot, One button push real time sharing video on Facebook & Webcat. Can also be used without phone as standalone

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