Windows Intel Quad Core 10.1" Tablet IPS Touch Screen 2G/32G

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Intel Quad Core Bay Trail CPU
Microsoft and Intel have teamed up to produce a powerful, yet energy efficient processor which is ideal for mobile computing applications. With four virtual CPU cores, Multiple programs can be run seamlessly in the background with little effect on overall performance.


IPS Screen
Intelligent Plane Switching gives you a better viewing angles and true to life colour which means that your photos look more lifelike. Combine this with improved contrast levels (deeper blacks and brighter whites) and you have a screen which provides great images and is easy on the eyes


Multi Point Touch Screen
Whether it's a one finger touch or a five finger pinch, the super responsive touch screen gives you accurate control of the screen - so say goodbye to keyboards and mice.


Dual Cameras
The built in dual camera  has an outward or inward facing camera. Use this function when  you’re taking photos, using apps for video, chatting or conferencing on Skype and playing games. It’s basically a camera on both sides of your tablet, it’s convenient and easy to use.


HDMI Video Output
Play back videos or watch slideshows of your favourite photos with the HDMI port, just plug your tablet into your HDMI TV or monitor. The great thing is that that  HDMI carries sound and picture so you only need the one cable, its Full HD 1080p capable , this means you can use it as a movie player when you go on holidays - simply connect the LASER Windows tablet to a HDMI TV, sit back and enjoy your movies.


Work Day Battery
With a Lithium Polymer battery on board, you can expect up to 8 hours of normal use. Perhaps a bit less if you're having a movie marathon or doing an "all-nighter" playing online games


Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth - get's you connected to a bunch of accessories like headsets, keyboards, mobile phones and so on. WiFi - allows you to connect to a WiFi network and get onto the internet.


Microsoft One Drive
This is Microsoft's cloud storage (the magical, mythical place you save all your stuff to). You get 1TB of storage space (which is a lot) and you can access these files easily from any connected device (like this tablet, your PC, your smartphone, Xbox, an internet cafe PC... you get the picture)


Upon O365 activation, you get 60 minutes of Skype to landline or mobile phone calls. So now you can use your LASER Windows tablet like a phone (talk about a "Phablet"!) But really, Skype is also great for video conference calls, messaging and group chats.


Windows Store
With more than 150,000 apps on the Windows store (most of them free), you will be sure to find your favourite game or productivity tool to work with the LASER Windows tablet.


Other Connections
There is a Micro USB port for charging and connecting USB devices like keyboards; a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio out; a Micro SD card slot so you can copy files onto, run from or save back to as SD card; built in stereo speakers and microphone so you can enjoy sound without headphones.


Other Things
The LASER Widows Tablet comes with 2GB of working memory and 32GB of onboard storage.The latest fast and low power consumption Intel Bay Trail processor  is clocked at 1.8Ghz with 2MB cache - which is great for everyday tasks like web browsing, email, most games, movie playback and even MS office.


Did you know?
Xbox Second Screen - Connect the LASER Windows tablet to your XBOX and use it as a supplementary screen to your main screen; some examples are: the map screen for your driving games, the program guide for the channel you're watching; the playbook for your Madden NFL game or the weapons load-out screen for FPS.


Plug in your peripherals and use it like a PC
Here's something you could try; Connect a desktop LCD monitor via HDMI; then connect desktop stereo speakers via the 3.5mm plug; then hook up a full size wireless keyboard and mouse with Bluetooth and of course connect to your home/office WiFi. Now you've got a full functioning PC, which looks just like the Windows PC or laptop you have at home or work.
Chrome, Gmail and that Google stuff? - Sure, of course, no worries.

Why do I need G-sensor on my Tablet?
Essentially if the screen on your portable device was square, the G-Sensor wouldn’t really be of any use, considering that you could only hold the screen one way up.  But screens are not square and having to hold a device only one way is cumbersome.  The G-sensor automatically rotates the screen so it is always orientated the right way up and it also allows you to take advantage of wide screen media formats which is most videos are produced on nowadays.


Why do I need HDMI?
HDMI is the most widely used format for home audio and visual equipment today.  It is the simplest way to connect various home AV equipment using only one cable to deliver top quality digital sound and image.  Look for Laser products with HDMI connectivity for the perfect and simple connection.


What is Winboot for Windows Tablet?
Win boot essentially is a cut down version of the Windows (PC) Operating System but specifically designed to run on portable tablet devices. Winboot makes better use of limited resources on a tablet by making changes to the way program files are loaded, accessed and stored.


What is the difference between HDMI, Component and Composite?
HDMI, Component and Composite are all ways which Audio Visual playback equipment such as DVD and Blu-Ray players, connect to Televisions and other peripheral display devices.  As technology advances, new connection ports that deliver better performance are added to these devices while older connections are phased out.  None are more obvious than analogue connections being replaced by superior digital connections.  For example, Composite and Component are analogue connections and will require more than one connection cable to deliver video and audio.  HDMI is a digital connection, supporting a higher quality video and audio signal all connecting via just the one cable.  For reference, HDMI will deliver the best quality image, while Component will deliver an excellent image, and Composite will deliver a good image.


What is the difference between different version of HDMI? Say 1.4 vs. 2.0?
Higher or newer versions of HDMI usually mean that they can transfer higher volumes of data.  This means higher audio, pixel and frames rates as well as, compared to earlier HDMI versions, the provision to network the connected devices over the HDMI cable (Versions 1.4 and above.)  Latest model TVs demand newer cables in order to deliver its best performance with 3D, Full HD, network, and even 4k.  For the best reliability in transmission between your player and your TV, choose a Laser HDMI version 2.0 cable.


What is an IPS Screen?
When compared to traditional LCD screen, IPS delivers a sharper picture with superior colour reproduction.  Where other screens can display good quality picture only when viewing from directly in front of the screen, you can view an IPS screen from virtually any angle and experience a consistently high quality picture.  Choose a Laser tablet with IPS screen for the ultimate viewing experience.


What is the difference between Bluetooth 3 and Bluetooth 4?
Bluetooth 4 is a format of Bluetooth that is largely more power efficient compared to Bluetooth 3.  The battery life can almost be measured in months and years rather than hours and days. 


Intel Atom Chipset: Intel Atom Baytrail Z3735F vs. Z3740
Many products in the market are using old Intel Atom Z3740 CPU. Laser has chosen the latest Intel Atom Z3735F. Which Intel specially designs for mobile tablet- faster and use less battery power. Check out our video tab to see an interesting comparison. The Atom Z3735F is a faster also because of the higher bandwidth in memory channel.

Intel Atom Chipset: Intel Atom Baytrail Z3735F vs. Z3740
Many products in the market are using old Intel Atom Z3740 CPU. Laser has chosen the latest Intel Atom Z3735F. Which Intel specially designs for mobile tablet- faster and uses less battery power. Take a look at the Video Tab to see the comparison. The Atom Z3735F is a faster also because of the higher bandwidth in memory channel.


The LASER Windows 10” tablet powered by Intel comes with Microsoft Windows 8.1, Intel Quad Core Bay Trail CPU, IPS screen and Multi point touch screen

The LASER 10” Windows 8.1 tablet with 2GB on board processor memory and 32GB on board storage  runs all Windows apps, includes 1 terabyte of storage on Microsoft's cloud – One drive and 10.1 inches (diagonal) of viewable screen. The LASER 10.1” Windows tablet lets you perform more advanced tasks like editing spreadsheets, revising power point presentations or writing longer emails! It’s also equipped with dual cameras, Bluetooth and a HDMI video output.

The larger 10.1 inch screen and the extra memory allows the LASER 10.1” (2GB/32GB) Windows tablet perform like a desktop PC so you don’t have to compromise usability with portability, with upgraded processor and improved battery and higher resolution screen, you will breeze through your workload and enjoy vibrant movies, pictures and websites - it's ideal for work, education or home use.

Don’t forget to check out the Bluetooth keyboard with touch pad which will convert this tablet into a great desktop laptop!

Looking for multiple tablet charging solutions? Why not check out Laser full range USB charging products by clicking here

No. of Cores4
FM RadioNo
Rear CameraYes
Wall ChargerYes
Other external features
Operating SystemWindows 8.1
Screen Size (inches horizontal)10
Screen Resolution1280 x 800
Screen TypeHigh Resolution IPS
Touch Screen (incl. Swipe function)Yes
On Board Memory (storage)32GB (2GB RAM)
Built-in camera/sYes. Front and Back
Battery TypeLithium Ion Polymer 7000mAh
GPS AntennaNo
Construction / finishCrack Resistant ABS Plastic
Built in SpeakerYes
Pre-loaded AppsYes
WiFi Built-inYes
Micro SD (TF) card slotYes
3.5mm headphone outYes
Mini USB input (charging / connecting)1 x Full size USB port, 1 x Micro USB port
Separate DC power input jackNo
AccessoriesYes. Micro USB Cable, Mains power adaptor
ProcessorIntel Atom Baytrail Z3735F
BluetoothYes. Low Power 4.0.
Product Dimensions (mm)254 x 164 x 9.3
Inner Carton Qty10
Master Carton Qty20
EAN barcode9335432021790
3 key feature benefits1) Windows 8.1 pre-loaded 2) Full size USB port for keyboard, mouse and flash drive 3) HDMI port connect to monitor or TV

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