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DAB+ and FM Radio

Whether it's high fidelity DAB+ or popular FM radio, the DAB-DG10P has your radio needs covered

32 Station Saves

With 32 presets to save your favourite stations, you will never go searching for music again

Rechargeable long life battery

Up to 7 hours of run time with a rechargeable Lithium battery

Vibrant LED Display

Displays station name, title and artist on a clear LED display

Emergency Torch Light

A convenient LED torch is perfect for those emergency situations

Carabineer Clip 

Secure your digital radio on a back pack, belt or bag for easy portability

Lightweight and Compact

Easy to carry around with you where ever you go

Why is Digital radio better than Analog?
Digital quality sound
Huge amount of extra stations to listen to
Scrolling station information on screen
Search by station name not frequency

What radio stations are broadcasting via DAB+?
The national (ABC and SBS) and commercial radio broadcasters in the five metropolitan license areas (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) officially began digital broadcasting on 1 July 2009.

On the DAB+ platform each broadcaster is currently providing a 'simulcast' of its analog radio service. Most broadcasters are also broadcasting new digital-only radio services. Consumers should visit the website of each broadcaster for further information on the particular DAB+ radio services offered by each broadcaster.

Are additional stations, not available on FM and AM, available via DAB+?
National and commercial radio broadcasters have developed new digital-only radio services which include 'niche' stations, for example stations focussed on sport, jazz, classical or Australian music.

Consumers should visit the website of each broadcaster for further information on the particular DAB+ radio services offered by each broadcaster.

Will I be able to listen to my community radio station digitally?
Designated community radio broadcasters in the five metropolitan license areas (i.e. those community radio broadcasters whose license area is the same as a commercial radio broadcaster) have a right to provide digital radio services.

Official launches of digital community radio services began in April 2011.

The legislative framework for digital radio does not provide for local-coverage community radio services to broadcast digitally at this time. A Government review of digital radio transmission technologies is being conducted, and the technologies considered in this review could be more suitable for local-coverage community broadcasting.

What type of radio do I need to listen to digital stations?
To receive current digital radio services broadcasting in Australia, you will need to purchase a DAB+ digital receiver. DAB+ radio receivers were unavailable for purchase in Australia before May 2009; therefore if you have a digital radio purchased before this date it may not be able to receive current DAB+ broadcasts (for example it may be a DAB digital radio which cannot receive DAB+ broadcasts).

Some analog radios may have what is often termed 'digital tuning' or 'digital PLL tuning'; these are not digital radios. When purchasing a digital radio, consumers should look for a DAB+ logo.

Consumers should be careful if considering buying and importing a digital radio from overseas or from international websites as different countries have adopted different digital radio standards. For example, the USA uses a standard known as 'HD Radio' and the UK uses the older DAB standard. Digital radios that are readily available in other countries may not receive Australian DAB+ broadcasts.

Most DAB+ radio receivers do not receive the AM band. If you are listening to radio services in an area that currently receives digital radio services (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney), you should be able to hear AM services simulcast in DAB+ on your digital radio. If you wish to listen to AM services outside of these metropolitan license areas you will still need an analog AM radio to do so.


Will DAB+ be used in regional areas?
It is unclear whether DAB+ is the most suitable digital radio standard to meet the needs of regional audiences. Radio services in regional areas differ from those in metropolitan areas, in terms of market size, coverage and variety.

With the release of DAB+ Digital Radio, can I still listen to the analog AM and FM stations I'm used to?
AM and FM analog radio services remain available despite the introduction of DAB+ digital radio in the five metropolitan areas. Analog radio services have not been 'switched off' to facilitate digital radio broadcasting.

Consumers do not need to buy a new radio to continue to listen to their current favourite analog stations. To listen to new digital-only DAB+ radio services consumers will need a DAB+ receiver.

I already get some radio stations on my digital TV - can't I use my TV to access DAB+ digital radio?
Some television broadcasters who are also radio broadcasters, such as ABC and SBS, are providing 'radio stations' as multi-channels of their digital television services. Also, some cable and satellite pay TV operators may provide 'radio stations' as part of their services. Because the transmission technology used for digital television is different to the technology used for digital radio in Australia (DAB+), your digital television will not receive the digital radio services broadcast using DAB+.

When the ACMA or the Government talks about digital radio, they are referring to radio services that are broadcast terrestrially, free to air, using a digital radio technology (such as DAB+ or DRM) not those services which are broadcast using digital television transmission technologies or delivered via cable or satellite by pay TV providers.

* All information sourced from

Once you have listened to DAB Digital Radio it is difficult to go back to just normal FM channels.

The DAB-DG10P is the perfect pocket-sized DAB Digital Radio for when you are on the go.

Small enough to easily fit in your pocket and without the big price tag of other desktop versions, you can now listen to all your favourite DAB Digital Radio stations no matter where you go.

Attached your DAB-DG10P to your belt or backpack easily with the belt loop, or if you are caught in the dark, turn on the built-in LED torch to light your way.

Built in rechargeable battery
Take anywhere pocket-size with belt-loop
Built in rechargeable battery
Listen to DAB Digital Radio as well as FM
Auto search and auto save list
Create your own favourite list
Built-in LED Torch

LCD displayY
Carry HandleN/A
General Specification
FM TunerY
AM TunerN
Station auto scanY
240 v AC AdaptorN/A
Product Dimensions (mm)95 x 50 x 18
Inner Carton Qty4
Master Carton Qty24
EAN barcode9335432025613
3 key feature benefits1) Portable and light weight 2) Built in LED light 3) DAB and FM radio receiver.

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