USB Type C 3.1 Docking Station 100 watts

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Non-slip rubber finish


With HD HDMI1.4 interface, easy to connect with extra HD HDMI Display Devices, Max support 4K output, allows you to enjoy extra fine graphics. Mirror or extend your laptop screen.


With SD Card Reader. Extra fast and stable for transferring large amount of video documents.


With Gigabit Ethernet extension. Connect directly to the local network for speed and stability.


3 Ports USB Type A Hub for connecting to multiple external devices, 1 Port USB Type C Hub, reversible and connects with devices with Type C interface.


Support PD Charging, upstream charging, Compatible with USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 2.0 Version 1.1; Max supports PD Power Profile 4 and 20V 3A Power Supply.


DC PSU interface charges the downstream devices, extends Power Supply capacity when it is connected with High Power devices.

How do I charge my laptop from the docking station?

The docking station comes with a 5v 2Amp charger. This is to power the USB dock.


If you wish to charge your notebook / laptop, you will need to plug in your notebook / laptop USB C charger into the USB C Power Delivery port below. It is compatible with all brands and models of USB C laptop / notebooks. Therefore if you use a Macbook (28Watts) Macbook Pro (100 watts), or HP, Lenovo, Dell or other USB C model it will still charge.


This makes the docking station truly universal.

What is Screen Mirror / Screen Extend?

You can use the dock to connect to a HDMI compatible monitor. This allows you to have two screens. You can replicate or "Mirror" a reflation of your current screen. Or "Extend" your current screen, giving you more screen real estate to open large spreadsheets, watch movies or answer emails on another screen. Work across multiple programs at once. HDMI cable not included.

System requirements

Hardware requirements: notebook, tablet, PC, smart phone with OS Windows, Mac or Google with a free USB – C port; Operation systems: Windows 10, Mac OS X, Google (Chrome OS and Android 6) with latest updates.

For more information please see the Manual in the "Downloads" section.

Expand the ports and connectivity of your USB-C notebook or tablet.

3 Ports Type A hub extension allows you to connect different external devices with your PC or Tablet

RJ45 slot connects you directly to the Internet or local network

HDMI interface allows you to share the video graphics on another HD display. Mirror or Extend your laptop screen so you have two screens.

Access files from your SD card via the card reader.

With an external 240v power supply and  PD Power delivery, you are always connected to power without having to remove the dock when your laptop battery power is low. PD allows you to power other devices connected to the dock.

You can also charge your downstream devices such as your external hard drive, CD ROM drive or other peripherals

Compatible with Windows, Android and Mac iOS laptop, notebook and 2 in 1's. Great for Macbook and Macbook Pro

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USB C Cable
Cable Length N/A
USB Version & Speed 3.0 (Up to 5 Gbps)
Input Connection Type C
Output Connections/s SD Card, USB Type C, Gigabit Ethernet, USB Type A x 2, HDMI, Power Delivery Port (USB PD)
Data /Power /Charge devices Y
USB C Generation 1
Data Transfer Speed Up to 5 Gbps
Video Output Resolution Up to HD 4K
Reversible connector (Up-side-down) Y
Power rating Up to 100W / 5A @ 20V
Re-inforced cable Y (Intergrated Crimp lock shield)
PCB sheilding Y (Precision welded RF shield)
Backwards compatible Y (USB2.0, 3.0)
Built-in Power Delivery management circuit Y
Compatibility Windows (New Tablets), Mac (New Macbook), Google (Chromebook Pixel)
Weight(kg) 0.198
Product Dimensions (mm) 280 x 70 x 22
Warranty(month) 12
Inner Carton Qty 5
Master Carton Qty 40
EAN barcode 9335432027020
3 key feature benefits All in One USB Type C Docking Station Solution USB PD function for charging up to 100w HDMI Output up to 4K
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