PC Accessories

PC accessories
Input or output, our line up of Accessories for your PC or notebook will complete your usability and get you more productive. Laser offers both connected and wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mice.  Slim., thin and ultra reliable, our keyboard / mouse combos are designed for everyday use. A full function soft touch USB keyboard and full sized high resolution USB mouse with scroll wheel make this keyboard/mouse combo an ideal desktop companion to your PC or laptop. Lasers webcams have a built in microphone for easy plug and play setup via USB. With a high quality CMOS sensor, even low light images show up brilliantly. Laser also offers a range of Hubs and connectivity devices to transfer files to and from your PC either wirelessly or via a card reader. The WiFi share hub offers wireless connectivity for file sharing and storage. Watching a movie or viewing your holiday photos with your friends and family - each person viewing the content on their own iPhone/tablet/PC. Or in business you go to a meeting and ask your colleagues to view your presentation or PDFs from their own laptop, tablet or smartphone. The shAIR hub also acts as your own portable wifi hotspot and Wi-Fi extender. All of Laser’s PC Accessories offer great value, functionality and versatility. The range is constantly expanding so stay tuned for more accessories to meet your needs.