Multi Media Center

Multi Media Center

Why should I choose an Android TV box? Turn Your TV into a real Smart TV

The Android TV box turns normal TV to a Smart TV, or a Smart TV into a TV that can play all your media content. These days we access content from a range of different sources. Including streaming services such as catch-up TV such as Netflix, Stan, ABC iView etc. Many new TV’s allow us to download an APP and play these services but many new TV’s do not and streaming services are just one smart part of this product.

Connect your TV to the internet

You can connect TV to the internet. This opens up a whole range of opportunities. From watching the streaming services to listening to your favourite Internet Radio or Music Streaming station, playing online games, Skyping friends and family and even surfing the web. Like your smart phone you can download any application and use it on your TV as you would on your phone.